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Where to buy a slot machine

Game Style – Trail to end.

Feature Entry – Is achieved when the player completes a one to seven stage trail via overlaid numbers on the win line. Bonus position four can also aid feature entry.

Feature Game – The player must work their way to the end of the trail. In the trail there are four rooms in each of the rooms a key must be collected before the player can continue up the trail. Whilst lapping the player can add to their Cash and Nudges pot as well as activating features. If the player does manage to get a key they will be awarded a Multi Add on the Cash, Nudges, Health meter and Weapon Upgrade Pot. However if the player wants to avoid the rooms they can hi-lo gamble straight up the trail. This option is only available at the start of the feature.

Tomb Raider – Get to the end of the trail and you will be awarded the superb Tomb Raider Win Series.

Super Feature - Are offered randomly and the feature square will turn red.

Game Style - Hi-Lo Gamble with pots.

Feature Entry - Is gained by completing a 1-7 trail via overlaid numbers on the win-line. Bonus position 4 can also help complete trail.

Feature Game - The player must Hi-Lo gamble around a twelve stage oval board. Each position in the

circular board has three segments which can change colour via different coloured bulbs. Each time the player hi-lo gambles the ball moves the amount shown on the hi-lo reel resulting in them being awarded that colour which then adds into the corresponding pot either Cash, Features or Nudges. If there are two or three colours next to each other in the segments then two or three positions will be added to the corresponding pot.

NB all fruit machines are sold in the understanding that they are for private home use only and must not be used for hire. Any machines sold for trade purposes must be used only where the correct local authority licenses are in place, or gaming licence is obtained (clubs etc) and all duties paid. Fruit Machine Sales .com

With bingo becoming ever more popular, we have been getting many requests lately from people looking to purchase bingo machines and other related equipment. Though we currently do not have bingo equipment in stock, this may very well change in the near future, and you are welcome to check back with us in a few months.

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