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Where to buy aimstick pregnancy test

where to buy aimstick pregnancy test

A: Yes. This should be interpreted as a positive result

A: A positive result will not change after testing regardless of the time frame as the colored bands are actually stained on the test panel. However, in order to prevent any incorrect readings, the test results should never be interpreted after five (5) minutes.

A: If the test is positive, you should see your physician or healthcare provider as soon as possible. The sooner you see a health professional, the better it is for your health.

A: A negative result means that no hCG (pregnancy) hormones have been detected and you are probably not pregnant. If your period does not start within a week, you may have miscalculated the day your period was due to start. Repeat the test. If the second test is still negative and you have not menstruated, you should seek professional advice.

A: Many women seeking pregnancy want very much to "see a line". What may appear to be a faint line could be a shadow, blotch, or in some cases a rare evaporation mark. These usually do not appear until well after the recommended development time for the test has expired (10 minutes or more). These are not a positive result. A negative test cannot become positive over extended periods of time. If you are pregnant, the test line will be distinct and obvious, develop in three minutes, and be similar to the control line. If you do see a faint but distinct line (positive result) but are uncertain, repeat the test in 36-48 hours as the test line will darken as greater concentrations of hCG are produced by your body after impregnation.

A: Yes.

Simply immerse the absorbent wick in the sample for at least 10 seconds and then wait three (3) minutes to read the results.

A: This should not happen if you follow the instructions correctly. The Aim Brand pregnancy test s incorporate various quality control methods to insure accuracy. However, if the absorbent wick or test panel becomes wet or otherwise contaminated before testing, the results can be unreliable. Certain rare medical conditions can also cause a false positive. If you repeatedly get suspicious results, you should consult with your healthcare provider.

A: This is a question often posed out of frustration and disappointment. hCG tests obviously can't assure or guarantee a positive pregnancy result. All Aim hCG pregnancy test s are manufactured under strict quality control measures and incorporate the latest in lateral flow chemical technology as required for FDA and CLIA certification. The test will indicate a positive result if a pregnancy exists.

A: No…Results should never be interpreted after 5 minutes. In fact, the generally recommended time for interpretation is at three minutes. Waiting will not make a negative test positive. The reason is a technical one having to do with the chemical properties of the test. If you are pregnant the test line will appear in 3 minutes.

A: This question generally arises with individuals unfamiliar with lateral flow immunoassay tests. Evaporation lines may form as the sample fluid dries in the test panel. This happens well beyond the period when time has expired for correct test interpretation and any such blotches or shadows that may form are totally irrelevant to test results. A positive test will show a distinct and clear test line within 3 minutes.

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