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Where to buy air stockings

where to buy air stockings

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One of my sisters in law, a buyer for a major firm in Singapore, has remarked on visits to us in Bangkok how much more expensive many items are in Bangkok shops. Also, IKEA recently came to Bangkok, but my impression is that IKEA is cheaper in Singapore. And we have a bunch of pewter, a bit from Thailand but most of it Selangor Pewter. It may be a good idea to look around as extensively as you can, and to know (or be able to quickly find out via the Web or a contact back home while you are in Thailand) if the Thai prices are better. So it really depends on what you want.

Since SIN and BKK are so nearby and cheap to travel between, you don't have to do it all on one trip (just as we can make an overnight trip from BKK to SIN for a concert at the Esplanade and some murtabak..).

But if you're interested in "decor", e.g. accessories - than Thailand has a wealth of unique designs to offer. Even if I prefer the quality of Selangor Pewter to that of Thai pewter, we have several Thai pewter pieces because of the designs.

Where to get ideas? Perhaps Narai Phand is a good place to start, because of the breadth of selection, and generally accepted quality (if not the absolute best quality, then rather close at much lower prices than the alleged best). The shop is better, but the Website can be useful for ideas.

Then decide if you want to pursue lower prices (with or without possible lower quality) at other places. Sellers in common areas and boutiques in many shopping centres (e.g. MBK. Amarin Place, Central World), Central Chidlom departmental store, and markets (Chatuchak Weekend Market, JJ Plaza as already noted - which is not far from Kampang Phet MRT station and open all week), can all be good. Suan Lum Night Bazaar used to be great for decor before it closed. I haven't been to the new Asiatique on the river, but it may be able to offer you some shopping opportunities for decor.

When we moved some stuff from our place in Bangkok to our place in Pasir Ris, we mainly brought already owned decor (lacquer ware and other crafts from Chiang Mai's San

Kamphaeng Road outlets [not the, in our experience, generally lower quality and/or higher-priced stuff at the Chiang Mai night market], paintings from the Art For All project which helps handicapped kids to express themselves through art, benjarong lamps and other items from JJ Plaza - some of it custom made to order years ago, and fabric pieces from Laos and Isaan). We also have some silk flowers and clay flowers. Ours were made by my wife after she took lessons on those crafts in Bangkok. (She "reinvented" both crafts by stylizing the flowers to be more realistically like actual orchids than is typically the case..) But you can buy nice ones around Thailand, as well.

Many people wind up loving a particular type of craft. We, rather, decided that we preferred a variety of types of craft. From celadon (but modern variants, not the classic light green which for whatever reason does not attract us) to benjarong, to brass castings from Phitsanulok (…… ) - though consider Thailand's regulation on export of religious artifacts.

Places like Home Pro tend to have high quality for some bathroom accessories, but also perhaps higher prices for equivalent items than Singapore for many items (unless on promotion when you visit there). Again, some kitchen accessories are available at pedestrian places like Lotus Tesco and Big C, mid-level places like Robinsons and Central Chidlom, and other departmental or specialty stores.

Small electrics, on the other hand, can be a good deal (for selection and/or price). For example, all the floor and table fans in our place in Pasir Ris are Hatari from Thailand. Our air/pollen filters are Hatari, also. Most of ours came from TescoLotus or Carrefour (now BigC) in Thailand. All

10 years old and work/look like new.

If you are considering quality furniture which would need to be shipped to Singapore, I'd suggest you visit Hang Dong district near Chiang Mai before buying anything in Bangkok. Some folks argue that JJ Plaza, or the furniture floors of MBK and other shopping centres, have all you may wish at reasonable prices. Others say no, Hang Dong is better and cheaper. There's only one way to find out for yourself. (And that's hopefully fun..) Most of our furniture in Pasir Ris is from North America (La-Z-Boy recliner, etc.), or from Singapore (traditional shops plus Pasir Ris IKEA).

Have fun designing your place!

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