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Where to buy alcatraz tickets

where to buy alcatraz tickets

“Alcatraz tickets sold out - Where to get them in San Fran?”

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I'm going to have to quick key this response:

You have two options if you waited to long to book guaranteed tickets through the official site

1. Book a combined tour with another vendor. What happens is that tour operators are allowed to pre-purchase blocks of tickets and sell them - but only combined with things like a city tour. This is more expensive, but you'll also be getting some type of city tour, so if you like that idea, you can book it. Be sure that your ticket to Alcatraz is guaranteed, check the small print. This usually means that your Alcatraz tour is dropped somewhere in late afternoon, which could give you more limited time on the island.

2. Here's is some grasping at straws advice from alcatrazcruises (garnered from an earlier thread):

Alcatraz Cruises ticketbooth opens at 8am every day. We have 50 walk-up, same day availability tickets, for 3 morning cruises, the 9:10am, the 10 and the 10:30am.

Not sure if your posting this to readers was a good idea or not. There are only 150 tickets available and lines, especially during July and August, can start as early as 5am and there can be more than 100 people in line before the ticketbooth opens. More people are disappointed than happy, arguments can break out, it's not the best way to get tickets. In fact we don't really promote those tickets here at Alcatraz Cruises because it just leads to many more disappointed visitors than happy ones. Here are a couple other rules about these tickets:

No one can purchase more than 4. Cash and credit cards are both welcome. All 4 people in the party must be in line to get the tickets (this prevents scalping). The tickets are first-come, first served. All it takes is 37 people to be in line, each wanting 4 tickets and those tickets are gone.

In the winter months, basically November thru mid-March, there are only 50 tickets available for walk up purchase and they are all on the 9:10am boat.

Here's the original thread I referenced this material from:

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