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Where to buy american girl doll clothes

where to buy american girl doll clothes

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There are a wide variety of American Girl dolls. One of the most popular is Mia. Then there are the "Just Like You" dolls. If you are determined to get a specific doll, there are different ways to secure one at a reasonable price.

For the best variety and availability, go to the official American Girl website (link provided below). They have all of the American Girl dolls, plus accessories. The website also tells you how to care for the dolls. It may cost a little more going this route, but you are sure to be getting what you want and know that it’s original.

Amazon (link provided below) has a wide variety of older dolls and a large amount of clothing. The older dolls are more expensive, but that's because they are harder to find. The clothing is definitely

worth checking out. Amazon also has free shipping on orders over $25.

Another good place to look is at the American Doll Outlet (link provided below), an auction site. They usually have good deals and most of the items are new. If you are willing to take a little risk, try eBay. You may be able to get a bargain there, but it could take a while. Ensure it is new and in its original packaging if that is important to you.

You'll also find dolls on shopping search sites like BizRate,, Price Grabber, and Dealtime. If you to find a specific American Girl doll, search under "American Girl Kit" or "American Girl Mia."

There is some cute furniture you can buy for your American Girl doll, including a kitchen set. There are bedroom sets, beds, tables and chairs, desks, trunks for storage, and more.

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