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Downers Grove, IL 60515-2609 USA

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Phone: 1-630-390-7070 (Landline no text messages)


They got hear safe, happy and healthy

by Leah August 19, 2015

I love them! They got hear safe, happy and healthy. Thank you so much! One of them loves to explore and the other is very shy. I’m going to get really good at taking care of these two, later on I would love to get more through you.

Pet Store where I purchased our Axolotl is not doing well

I purchased a Axolotl from you about a month ago and he is thriving. The one I purchased from the Pet Store was only there a few hours and he not doing well. I guess Pet Store don’t know how to care for Axolotls.

I’ve been using tap water since I got them and they love it

by Brian March 9, 2015

Thank you for my awesome axolotls. I’ve had my two adults for about a year and 3 months. Learning about the creatures is a great experience. They are very interactive. My golden albino is really active and likes to get my attention. You are doing great things to try to restore the axolotl race to how they are supposed to be bred. I will defiantly be repeating again soon. By the way, I’ve been using tap water since I got them and they love it. Has to be cooler tap water though!

I was doing several things wrong

by Michelle  September 25, 2014

I purchased an axolotl at a pet store because I fell in love with its cute little face.  I did not know much else about them and the pet store gave basic (wrong) information.  My Axie in spite of me thrived and I wanted a companion for him as he seemed so lonely.  I got in touch with  and found out I was doing several things wrong which when I corrected my axolotl immediately seemed more relaxed.  Then I ordered another axolotl. I was told by Philip, however, that if my axolotl was inbred and raised with others during the cannibalistic stage which a lot of breeders do because it is cheaper then that axolotl will have remembered cannibalistic behavior and will eat my new axolotl.  I wanted to try it to see and sure enough my pet store axolotl tried to eat my new properly raised axolotl.  I had to put them in separate tanks and ordered another from .  When I got the second axolotl and put it in the tank with first one I got from  they co-existed perfectly supporting what Phil said about taking the time to raise them separately during the cannibalistic phase.  This costs more to do for both the breeder and the consumer but unless you want a genetically defective and cannibalistic axolotl it is worth it!  The Axolotls I got from  are sweet, beautiful and the axolotl I got from the pet store is aggressive and has one gill shorter than the others which Philip says is because he is inbred. Philip spent quite a lot of time coaching me on the proper care of Axolotls which made the difference.  I would definitely recommend Phil.

I really wish that everyone knew about this website

by Morgan  September 1, 2014

I really wish that everyone knew about this website. It has a lot of really good information and do and don’t. At first when I had no idea about axolotls, I searched on the internet and found this website and immediately I was like “I am buying my creature from here hands down.” Don’t even get me started with the axolotls. They are well priced and I must say the axolotl shipped very quickly and arrived healthy, no limbs missing, and seemed happy. I have now had my axolotl for 10 days and I could not be more in love with him (I call him a he even though I don’t know what gender). I named him squishy and he is the yellow body leucistic (glows under UV). He has absolutely stolen my heart and he has grown pretty fast! His gills are already becoming nice and big and red! He seems very happy and he was a little lazy at first but now he’s up and about. I would totally recommend this website and this one only if you want any and/or all information on axolotls. I would definitely also recommend buying yours from here! Phil, I am so happy that you take all the time to educate people and that you have so much love for these creatures. These are definitely amazing and beautifully majestic creatures. I will definitely be buying another axolotl from this website.

They arrived in perfect condition and they are so happy in their new home

by Jessica  July 16, 2014

I just wanted to thank you so much for my axolotls. My local pet store didn’t have them and they are so unique. I was incredibly impressed with how quickly they shipped and the way they were packaged, I was like a little kid at Christmas time. They arrived in perfect condition and they are so happy in their new home anytime I have a question I come right back to your website. I can’t thank you enough for my little guys everyone asks me where to get them and I send them right to your site. I know any of my future axolotl purchases will be from you!

Thank you so much for the great care you took in raising and transporting them to me

by Sheila March 4, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that the axies arrived safely and are enjoying their new home! Thank you so much for the great care you took in raising and transporting them to me. I will be purchasing from you again in the future! Have a good day Phil!

I wish we had read your site before we got him

by Ann September 4, 2013

I just found your website when I looking for a place to buy axolotls. We had a black axolotl that died yesterday. I wish we had read your site before we got him. He was an inch and a half to 2 inches long and we were told to put fine sand in the bottom. I am pretty sure that he died of impactment (from eating Sand). I know that I overfed him. We had him in a 29 gallon tank with a plecostomus. We did not realize how stressful that was on him. We would like to get a couple of new axolotls and wanted to get your help before ordering them. We have 3 options for tanks. The 29 which is too big for the juveniles, a 20 long and a 10 gallon tank. After reading your site it sounds like the 10 is the best bet and we should set it up for a week before ordering the axolotls. We don’t have the slate in the bottom and am concerned about breaking the tank if we put it in. Is there another option like large rocks or just leaving it alone? … As I read your site it is amazing that the little guy survived as long as he did. I would really appreciate your help to get a tank set up. I fell in love with the little guy and can’t imagine not having any axolotls in our house.

Axolotls they are amazing

by Melissa March 22, 2013

Thank you Phil for sending me such wonderful axolotls they are amazing. I got a pink (Bonnie) and a neon (Klyde). They arrived 5 days late no thanks to the post office cause they crushed the box they were shipped in. Thankful that Phil raise since healthy and wonderful axolotls they survived the ordeal they went through. It took me about a week to show them they were safe and at their new home thanks to Phil’s guidance. Now they are so happy every morning I enjoy getting ready to feed them and they know its feeding time because they swim up to the top of the tank I really love the new addition to my family. My daughter Katherine says “I LOVES my Axolotls! Their friendly and cool. When I first feed them it was so interesting to see. When they let me hold them it’s so cool I like the feel of their little toes. I LOVE My Bonnie & Klyde!” My daughter Briana says ” They are really fun to feed with your hands. I like when I go by the tank and they let u know their watching you by flapping their gills. My favorite thing to do is watch them swim around the tank. I love Bonnie & Klyde!

Once again Phil thank you. Your truly an amazing man your knowledge of axolotls is wonderful I’m glad I did my research before buying and your site was top notch. I have recommended your site to everyone who have asked me about wanted a set of axolotls.

This is them at feeding time in the morning I will send you more pictures of them soon.


1 year anniversary!

by Miranda March 12, 2013

It’s been a year since I bought my two brown/grey axies from you. I just wanted to write and say that Mudkip and Wooper have grown so much and are doing fine. My favorite thing to do with them is sit and talk to them and watch them flick their gills in response. They like to sit on opposite sides of their divider and watch each other, so I hope it’s a good sign for when I remove the divider soon (probably when I clean the tank tonight). Thanks so much! They’re awesome. )….miranda’s 2nd email; By the way, when I removed the divider, they both small to the same corner of the tank of just sat side by side. Mudkip even had his front leg around Wooper, as if he was giving him a hug. They are truly amazing and I can’t thank you enough!


I would have never gotten this chance to raise offspring without your help

by Evan October 21, 2012

Hi, a couple months ago you sent me an 8 1/2 inch golden albino female. We had some trouble with the mail and she came a day late. But because you packed her so well she arrived perfectly healthy and fine. No she has laid some eggs! There are about 200. I keep the in old jewelry boxes and I have qty 2 to a container. The father is leucistic and the mom is gold, the offspring are about 70% leucistic and 30% gold. Just want to thank you so much and I would have never gotten this chance to raise offspring without your help.



Phil you are fantastic and so are the Axolotls

by Dave and Crystal October 13, 2012

We just wanted to let everyone know that Phil has been fantastic. We bought a water dragon from a local pet store and they told us that all we needed was a tank and a water pump and they would be fine. 115 dollars later and two weeks the poor water dragon was dead. Of course everyone expects the store to be an expert on what they are selling. Well I’m here to tell you that it is not true.

We found on line and contacted Phil by phone and found out everything we had been told was not true. The water needed to be chilled and the tank to only have 6-8 inches max of water. Water dragons are air breathers and trying to swim to the top of the water line in a full tank would be like climbing a 20 story building for them. The pet store also said that we could feed them fish pellets and we found out that was not true also. They need blood worms and once they get bigger then you can feed them rosy minnows. Of course again every thing that we were told by the local fish store was wrong again.

Well we talked to Phil at great length and found out that the water in this part of Texas was a mild 85 degrees coming out of the tap, and that is way to hot for the water dragons. So his web page said that the water needs to be at 68 degrees and no higher, so we looked and looked and found a fish tank cooler ( after consulting his web page) and let the water run in the tank for a week to make sure that everything was up to Phil’s spec’s for the water dragons. We purchased our water dragons from Phil and they were perfect.

We bought one pink one and one brown one. We have a 20 gallon tank that is divided so they don’t chew on each other. Phil has been fantastic in all the drama of getting the water dragons here and everything set up. The post office was a day late on the deliver, and my wife gave the mail man and the station master more grief than any 5’2″ woman though could. She wanted her babies.

Now everything has been set up and running for about two weeks with no issues and they are growing fantastically.

We have our own little bucket for them and the cleaner hose that is kept separate of everything and never used for anything other than the water dragons. And after a false start we make sure that we wash our hands all the way up to our elbows so that nothing could contaminate the tank.

Phil has been a god send of information and support. When he ships his Axolotls, they come in a Styrofoam cooler that protects them and are filled with packing peanuts to protect the containers that they are shipped in inside of the cooler. Not only do they arrive safe and sound and ready to put in the tank, the cooler and peanuts are a great toy for our 7 ferrets that are singing Phil, we love Phil, he gave us a new toy to play with….

Phil you are fantastic and so are the Axolotls. If any one needs or wants information, Phil is the man to talk to. He is like a walking data base of what to do and what not to do if you want an Axolotl for a pet.

They are utterly fantastic, (and so is Phil).

Dave and Crystal

(Austin Texas)

Thank you for saving my axolotl’s life

by Patrick August 31, 2012

Hi Mr. Vena,

I’m emailing you to say thank you for saving my axolotl’s life, i followed all of your advice, and she is healthy and swimming around, and she is eating for the first time in weeks.

My axolotls are amazing! I love them

I just wanted to let you know my axolotls are amazing! I love them. I thought they would be sick or even dead! But I was wrong! They are in perfect health! My whole family loves them. My seven year old brother says they are “Awesome “. My grandmother loves their little feet! My cousins came and as soon as they saw them they asked where I got them and are planning on buying some soon! I will NEVER buy axolotls from anywhere but

I wanted to let you know how perfect they are

I received my axolotls on Friday last week and I wanted to let you know how perfect they are. Thank you for putting up with all my calls asking questions about the setup of my tank and what information I needed to prepare myself for their arrival. You were always available when I called with questions and you always were able to answer with helpful advice. I have already told friends of mine who have been interested in purchasing axolotls, since I received the ones I purchased from you, to make sure to check out Because in my opinion there is no other place site that has all the information needed, reasonable prices, and the outstanding customer support to help decide if axolotls are the perfect pet for you.

Water Dragons are coolest Animals


I just wanted to send you this email to thank you for the awesome axolotls! Both are happy and healthy, eating well and their

water stays clean and in the mid sixties. My neon axolotl is always flexing his “feathers” (with awesome stripes revealed under the blacklight, is the only legitimate website for buying Axolotls on the internet

by Tom S. April 14, 2012 is the only legitimate website I have found for buying Axolotls on the internet. I highly recommend Philip Vena.

The best experience I have ever had regarding buy a pet

by John Bastuga Febury 24, 2012 has been the best experience I have ever had regarding buy a pet. My son researched Axolotls on the Internet and a while afterwards I found Phil Vena at who is a national breeder of Axolotls.  Phil took the time to explain everything I needed to know about getting a tank set up with Axolotls for my son.  And when one of the Axolotls became I’ll due to a mistake I made with the water in the tank, Phil was there to offer assistance in bringing Rocky the Axolotl back to health.  I highly recommend Phil Vena and, I am so happy with our new pets and how my children have proven to be responsible enough to care for them continuously.  If I can answer any questions please ask Phil to put you in contact with me.  Thanks! Web Site is the BEST that I’ve Found

Hi Phil:

I want to let you know you have the best, most informative website on the Axolotl.  I appreciate all the information it has to help me give my “Little Water Dragon” the best possible life he can have in my home.  He is very smart and I am so excited about knowing how to give him a fuller life.  I am interested in a girlfriend for him and feel I can the best fit for him from your stock.  Thank you for your contribution to their well being in captivity and keeping the species healthy, strong and happy.  My Grandson is so excited at the thought of getting the Black Female; actually his mother is too!  I was so shocked; she even offered to go get the rosy minnows for Kritter (Lelah now Luke).  She didn’t like me calling him Kritter so she named him the girl name as I was told that he was a girl or I misunderstood the person who told me about the two big bumps by the tail?

Can’t express how happy I am


Can’t express how happy I am with my axolotl. Great service and communication throughout the transaction. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, or healthy specimen. Highly recommend.


Carmine Milo

Mr. Vena’s commitment to customer satisfaction

By Charlotte » Sat Sept 03, 2011

Mr. Vena,

I just wanted to email you and let you know I received my axolotls earlier this morning and they are doing well and had a bloodworm snack when they arrived. I also wanted to write you something for your customer feedback page so feel free to use it.

I received my second order from today and I am very impressed with their website information, professionalism, Mr. Vena’s commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as beautiful high quality axolotls. Axolotls make the most magnificent pets and they will always have a special place in our home! I highly recommend and will ONLY be ordering from them in the future.

The axolotls you sent me are doing great

Hey Phil,

The axolotls you sent me are doing great, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you so much for being so prompt and professional. I will definitely be doing business with you again, and have already recommended you to a lot of people. I’m very glad I found your website, and was able to make such a wonderful and worthwhile investment


Rock Rainaldi.

They are absolutely adorable, beautiful, and hungry

by S Ridley » Wed Jul 27, 2011

Dear Mr. Vena!

They are absolutely adorable, beautiful, and hungry! All six have munched on the blood worms, and I will be gently siphoning out the left overs tomorrow. We could not be happier! Thank you so much for helping this animal survive. Each one looks so healthy and alert. I can only imagine how interactive they will be when the ordeal of being shipped wears off!

Thank you so much! They are romping around their sections of the tanks (my daughter’s tank and my tank), investigating all of the nooks and crannies, nuzzling in to get that last blood worm, peeking at each other through the dividers, and generally looking quite at home.

My Axolotls are doing great.

Mr. Vena,

Just wanted to let you know the axolotls are doing great. They arrived on time and they both had a rosy minnow snack when they arrived. Thank you very much. I will be recommending you to future axolotl owners.

Thank you,


Phil the axolotls came in healthy and lively! 

by Monica » Wed Mar 23, 2011

Philip Vena,

The axolotls came in healthy and lively! I was very pleased to see them packaged carefully, and shipped quickly. They started to eat the

All of their fingers are intact, and they look as healthy as can be. Thanks for a smooth transaction,

Phil thanks for such an smooth transaction


Thanks for such an smooth transaction. Our four axolotls arrived very perky and are already eating.

Phil both Axolotls are doing well  


Both Axolotls are doing well since they arrived two months ago on Christmas Eve. The package they arrived in offered protection during their delivery. Our daughter is proud of her pet salamanders. She named the brown one “Pebbble” and the white one “Pinky”. She feeds them twice weekly and shows them to friends and family who visit. She talks about salamanders at school and brings home amphibian library books. We have them in a 10 gallon tank with a center divider. The water is filtered and changed weekly. After reading your on-line information, we added sand to the aquarium floor and 1/2 of a PVC pipe 4″ by 5″ for shelter for each salamander. We have considered adding a couple of plants.

Thanks Phil, Great Transaction to Hong Kong

Dear Phil,

I feel very happy for this transaction. You are a very good seller and I received 8 beautiful and healthy axolotls. It’s so nice to know your professional suggestions on axolotls and your customer services. Since it’s not easy to export the axolotls, i know u had used additional time to apply the legal documents. Thank you for your fast reply and help.

I can definitely say that I an very happy with my axolotl

by Nicole Matthias » Sun Feb 20, 2011

I can definitely say that I am very happy with my axolotl. My boyfriend was unsure what an axolotl was until it arrived; now he’s completely in love with it as much as I am. It arrived in good health with all its limbs and I can say that it is very active with tons of personality. I greatly appreciate it and will be looking to purchase another one in the near future. Thank you again.

Thank you Phil at

by Richard Thrust » Mon Feb 15, 2011

Thank you for the two healthy Water Dragons that you sent me. They remind me of the Mud-puppies that my brother and I used to catch 40 years ago.

Phil at was perfect

My transaction with Phil at was perfect. Phil was patient and helped me choose the right animals for the aquarium I wanted to set up. Shipping was extremely quick (they arrived a day earlier than expected) and the 5 axolotls I ordered were in perfect shape when they arrived… this is additionally impressive as I live in an extremely cold area. The axolotls took a few days to acclimate to the aquarium, but are eating well and generally behaving the way axolotls should. They have become excellent pets and a very enjoyable hobby. One final note … I researched my axolotl purchase thoroughly and spoke with numerous vendors. If you look just at price, there are probably better deals out there, but the quality of service and of the animals is definitely worth any price discrepancy. Pets are not something you want to be cheap about.

Axolotl are healthy and happy

Thanks so much Phil!

Our Axolotl are healthy and happy and made many people happy as well! Your advice and expertise were so helpful and spot on.

They’re absolutely wonderful Many thanks, Phil

by Aura Stevens » Wed Jan 19, 2011

Phil is a real pleasure to deal with. He answered any and all questions in a timely manner, and the packaging of his axolotls was great. They came before noon the next day, packaged in their own individual bags, which were then settled into packing peanuts in a huge Styrofoam box. All of the axolotls came in pristine condition, not a single scratch on them, and are healthy to this day. They eat like pigs, they’re spoiled like children, and they’re absolutely wonderful.

The class loves our Axolotls

by Rachel Wallin » Tue Nov 23, 2010

The class loves our Axolotls. They arrived healthy and fast. Thank you so much Philip! I would definitely order from you in the future.

Axolotls are wonderful and amazing creatures

by Adam Smith » Sat Nov 20, 2010

Phil is a great axolotl dealer. I have gotten 2 axolotls from him recently and both arrived beautiful, in good shape and in very good spirits. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who wants to get a hold of these wonderful and amazing creatures. He was kind and patient enough to answer all my questions and he gave and continues to give you 100% full support.

Great Purchasing Experience!

by Bill Shipman » Mon Oct 11, 2010

The Axolotls are perfect healthy and happy. Very fast shipping. Thank you very much would do business again in the future.

Axolotl Education Grant – Thanks for your help Phil

Great Purchase.

by dinger6 » Wed Sept 01, 2010

I owned 2 of these several years ago and knew a little about them. I found the website quickly when searching online. I purchased 6 and they arrived in excellent condition…This was a great buying experience. Thanks.

Super purchasing experience.

I have purchased 5 axolotls from Phil (for me and my co-workers who got jealous after seeing mine in action as classroom tools) and the service has been prompt and professional with utmost care taken for the animals. In addition, he is a store house of information for axolotl husbandry. If any of my friends are interested in axolotls I direct them to Phil’s website to check it out.

Axolotl Purchase

by Bam » Fri Aug 20, 2010

Excellent breeder of Water Dragons (Axolotls). I bought two pairs and they arrive in beautiful condition. Excellent communication and shipping of the Axolotls.

My Axolotls arrived in perfect shape

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to you Philip for all the help both in Emails and over the phone in helping me to get a Axolotl for my daughter on such short notice.

Phil is patient enough to answer my emails with questions!

by jlsweeney » Fri Jul 23, 2010

I am going off to college and was looking for a college pet that wasn’t just the typical fish. Not only was this site the most helpful in broadening my knowledge on the animal it also has a page dedicated to people thinking about axolotls as college pets. I was very impressed with the amount of information on this site and how everything was clearly explained. My axolotl was shipped over night from IL to CT I received it in perfect health. She’s now swimming around exploring the logs and air powered skeleton I have in the tank, enjoying her name: Mufasa. Some of my friends call her mud-kip after the Pokemon because she looks like an albino one.   It’s very easy to see the effort that Philip Vena put into caring for these animals. Phil is patient enough to answer my emails with questions about my little one and makes it very clear how knowledgeable he is about them. Seriously-Thank You.

Great axolotl purchase experience

by Phyfe7515 » Fri Jun 18, 2010

I recently purchased two axolotls from Phil. He lives close to me and was more than willing to meet with me for a q&a session before I even purchased mine. He is incredibly knowledgeable and provided me with great information and advice. He offered to answer any questions that I had about my little guys if I ever needed some help. Three weeks after buying them, my axolotls are flourishing in their new tank! They are very cute, healthy, and active- it’s awesome to watch them eat!

Thanks again,


I could not have been happier

by golfjunky » Tue Apr 27, 2010

During the late 90s I inherited 2 Axolotls from a College Dorm room. At the time I didn’t even know what they were. They were adults when I got them and both lived 6 more years. I knew when job and living arrangements allowed I would add Axolotls to my family again. As I began researching recently I discovered Phil Vena. As I’m on the east coast I was very nervous about timely delivery and how stressed the Axolotls would be when they did arrive. Gotta tell you. Phil went out of his way to work around the tax day mail and when my pair arrived, overnight right on schedule, I could not have been happier. Not only were the male and female in excellent condition, they were as calm and relaxed as any of my other group of oddball family members. The male was actually taking minnows from my fingers on his second day here.

Once again Phil, Thank you, it’s clear the pair have been raised in a stress free environment and not only will I be adding to my own family again soon, I will definitely recommend anyone worth of Axolotls your way.

Don P Connecticut

Ben & Jerry. My new Axolotls

by Tracy » Mon Mar 22, 2010

I received my new Axolotls this Saturday. They are so cute and love their new home. Dealing with Phil was terrific because he answered all my questions, and my pain-in-the-butt emails when I was worried about their arrival. He assured me that they would arrive safely and they did. I got one Albino and one wild one. If I ever get more of them..I will only deal with Phil and

Phil and my experience went perfect

by XxJackJeckelxX » Wed Nov 11, 2009

I previously bought 2 juvenile axolotls from phil and my experience went perfect. i received my axolotls the day after he shipped them and they were very healthy and active. my 10 gal aquarium includes a sand bottom, drift wood, floating plants, large rocks, small aerator, and a sponge filter. i have only had them for a week and they already beg for food and swim up to the top for a taste worm. i cant wait for my babies to grow up, hopefully there will be no problems

Phil is so nice and sooooooo helpful! 

Hi there my names Adam

After stumbling on the axolotl I was destined to find one. After doing a google search I found this site. I noticed Phil is located 20 minutes away from me which made my decision of getting my axolotl a 100% For sure! Me and phil spoke over the phone for a little while and all I’ve got to say he is so nice and sooooooo helpful! I can’t wait make the drive to pick my first axolotl up, I’ll post pics when I get it in and all set up in the tank.

Love My Axolotl

I’m so happy I want with, Philip is very nice and has been a great help so far with all my stupid questions. I bought two males a golden albino and a wild colored one. they are the best and I can’t wait to get more in the future..

My experience buying an axolotl

I will soon upload photos (and hopefully a video) of my axolotl. =)

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