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Advice on investment property and buy to let investing

Our site is packed with free property investment advice, information, insights, ideas and support for people interested in making money from investment property. Plus the latest property news and special reports on property hotspots.

Many people have become disillusioned with traditional pension plans based on stock market investment returns, and have turned to 'buy-to-let' property investment as a future pension fund.

If you're new to property investing, and want some buy to let advice, look at our questions & answers section to get you started.

Whether you are interested in capital growth or rental income, you need to decide the most profitable geographical areas and property types for your property investment portfolio. To help you do this, we give:

  • a detailed analysis of the demographic, socio-economic and financial trends that

    affect property prices, capital value increases and rental demand

  • a survey of current UK property hotspots and development areas (re-generating areas and communications/infra-structure developments), with particular emphasis on the UK.
  • tips on finding areas for profitable foreign property investment .

On the more practical side, we have sections on buying investment property, including financing property investment (buy-to-let mortgages), finding a buy to let property, finding a good conveyancing solicitor, dealing with planning. and letting and maintaining your property.

Interested in investing but too busy to look for an investment property? Try our armchair investing offer. What about properties that need renovation or refurbishment - take a look at our fixed price property refurbishment. (These services in conjunction with Tygra property finding and design service).

Finally, visit our bookshop for reviews and recommendations on financial and property investment books, tapes, CDs and other resources.

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