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How to Buy an iPod Shuffle

where to buy an ipod

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The iPod Shuffle is the lightweight, easy-to-use, inexpensive version of the iPod with no screen and no frills, just music. Currently, the only iPod Shuffle that is sold new in stores is the 4th generation. Buying a used iPod Shuffle requires some background knowledge of the previous generations.

iPod Shuffle Technical Specs Comparison

1st Generation iPod Shuffle

The original iPod shuffle only comes in white and is significantly longer (about twice the height) compared to the other generations. The controls are a round click wheel with volume and track controls and a play button in the middle. There is also a switch to control power, shuffle, and no shuffle modes.

It has a built-in USB connector, so it can plug directly into a computer. This allows for convenient transfer of music and files without need for a dock or USB cable. When the USB is not in use, it is covered by a cap that matches the rest of the iPod. New in box, this iPod came with an extra cap with attached lanyard.

2nd Generation iPod Shuffle

2nd generation iPod shuffles are much smaller than the first generation and come in a variety of colors. The click wheel controls are pretty much the same, but the power and shuffle/no shuffle controls are two separated switches that prevent accidental changing of the play mode. It’s also the first iPod shuffle to come with a belt clip attached.

This iPod has a special USB cable dock that plugs into the headphone jack. There is no other port on this iPod. To plug it into a normal iPod dock, like those on iHomes. an adapter is needed.

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

There is a significant usability issue to be aware of with the 3rd generation Shuffles. The volume and track controls are not located

on the device itself, but on the earphones that come with. This means in order to use any headphones besides the ones that come with, an adapter may be required. Headphones that come with playback controls will only work if they have iOS compatibility. An adapter with playback controls is also needed to plug this iPod into a stereo.

There are pros to this iPod model as well. It’s the first of the Shuffles to offer the option to switch between multiple playlists. It comes with VoiceOver functionality, which can read song names and other text aloud in 20 languages. It has a belt clip attached and comes with the standard iPod USB cable .

4th Generation iPod Shuffle

This iPod returns to the traditional click wheel playback controls. It also has a devoted button for VoiceOver, now offering 29 different languages. It’s compatible with iTunes Genius for automatically generating playlists and can store multiple playlists like the 3rd gen. It retains the belt clip feature and a standard USB cable is included.

How to Buy an iPod Shuffle on eBay

Start searching here. on eBay ’s iPod Shuffle page. It has related pages for every generation of iPod Shuffle and plenty of accessories, too. From here, a bounty of purchases are possible, it’s just a matter of narrowing down the selection.

Start by focusing the search on reputable sellers. Sellers that have a high feedback rating are much more likely to be reliable and help out if there are any problems with the sale. Any iPods under consideration should be confirmed as working by the seller.

Use this guide to choose exactly what kind of iPod Shuffle to purchase, such as “iPod Shuffle 2nd gen 2 GB.” Plug a specific search term like that into a search on eBay, and many options within that category will present themselves.

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