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Where to buy asian clothes

where to buy asian clothes


Posted by HRM Asia 2 weeks 6 days ago

Narasimhan SL

Head of Talent Acquisition APAC & HR Head, SE Asia

Every organisation would have a plan for the next generation of talent. The tool belt of a HR professional has it all - the 9-box, the high-potentials, key talent identification, development plans as well as succession plans with readiness time frames. That said, it isn’t unusual to hear of instances, at the point when the rubber meets the road, that the succession plan wasn’t executed effectively for a host of reasons.

There’s no denying there is a phenomenal buy-in from the business that recognises the criticality and importance of these processes. The practice is done with a lot of rigour and passion. That’s evident given the quality of the conversations we have at those meetings.

We don’t always have opportunities to

test out these plans in the interim to see if they are effective and able to deliver the expected outcome. I’d personally like to see these plans tested out more precisely, literally toe-to-toe in the journey. A possible option is to have mechanisms in place where business critical roles are not held by the same people beyond a defined time frame.

Creating the opportunities to get employees on succession plans to rotate and fill in the roles they are being groomed for is a very effective way to test and validate the effectiveness of succession plans. The challenge is creating these opportunities, and to me, that can be overcome with the right degree of planning and partnering with the business on the talent agenda. There are also several positive benefits as these opportunities would yield new information on people and provide a different dimension that we didn’t have previously.

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