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where to buy australian gold tanning lotion

Australian Gold - Accelerator Spray

Boasting popular lotions such as the Australian Gold Crystal XII and the Australian Gold Sinfully Black, our selection at Tanning Lotion Supply offers all of the best that Australian Gold has to offer in accelerators, bronzers, self tanners and more—including the classic Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator. If you're new to the world of tanning, you may be wondering why Australian Gold, or TLS for that matter, make such a big difference in your indoor and outdoor tanning experience. Well, we'll tell you:

Whether you're looking for something like the Australian Gold accelerator or a simple instant bronzer, there are a number of things that you need to consider when buying tanning lotions. First of all, not every tanning lotion is created equal—bargain and off-brand lotions can not only be ineffective, they can be downright harmful to your skin, and expose it to unhealthy chemicals and long-term damage.

With a quality product like the ones from Australian Gold, you'll get care, protection and a fantastic glow all in one! Protective shields will keep you from build up on the acrylic surfaces of the tanning bed, and leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy after an indoor tan—rather than dry and irritated. These lotions are perfect for tanning

beds, because unlike conventional sunscreens, they were designed for the unique conditions of a tanning bed or lamp.

With a DHA-based Australian Gold Bronzer, you'll get a more authentic, natural looking tan that blends with your skin, and sets in over the course of several hours—helping you look better and better as the night goes on. Unlike some of those so-called instant tanners with cheap ingredients that will wash out in the shower, these are designed to work with your skin to blend for the most natural looking results.

Whether you're working on sunless tanning, or just want to hang outside with some of that Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator and soak up the extra rays, the range of products from Australian Gold here at Tanning Lotion Supply are designed to give you the best in self tanning at a price you can be excited about.

When you're looking to have the best tan in the room, go with the tanning accelerators and bronzers designed to moisturize your skin and give it a natural look—not those cheap substitutes that make you look more like Garfield than a Greek god. Trust Tanning Lotion Supply to give you the best tanners at amazing prices, and browse our entire assortment of tingling, tantalizing tanning lotions today!

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