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Ballet Pointe Shoes at Dance Unique

Dance Unique offers the most popular pointe shoes available, including Capezio, Bloch, Grishko, Gamba and Freed through our Online Catalog for your shopping convenience. The popularity of ballet continues to grow as both entertainment and recreation. Although many choreographers use bare feet, sneakers, or even street shoes, all the ballet classics and much of today's choreography require pointe shoes. Though medieval in its construction, the pointe shoe is very much a part of the future of dance.

Proper Fit of a Pointe Shoe

Proper fit in pointe shoes is critical! That's why Dance Unique stocks the most popular pointe shoe brands because they all fit differently and it is important to find the brand that fits you best.

At Dance Unique. we pride ourselves on the reputation we have built for fitting pointe shoes.

We take the utmost care in fitting our shoes and recommending the best shoe for each performer. Our knowledge of dancers and the variety of shoes available makes it possible to suggest the best shoe for your individual needs.

Characteristics of the Pointe Shoe

The foot is supported from underneath the arch by a stiff insole, or shank. The box of the shoe tightly encases the toes, so that the dancer's weight rests on an oval-shaped platform. The shank has varying degrees of flexibility, and the box may have different configurations. The outer material is usually pink satin and can be dyed for performance to costume designers' specifications. Most pointe shoes will fit either foot; there is usually no left or right. Except in rare cases, only women wear pointe shoes.

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