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Where to buy your F1 Tickets

With numerous websites on the internet claiming to sell ‘official F1 tickets’ . the vast choice is simply overwhelming. So where is it safe to buy F1 tickets from? Our network of Formula 1 fans have been purchasing their F1 tickets through the websites featured below for the last 10 years! We will tell you a little bit about each of them which will hopefully give you peace of mind before handing over your hard earned cash. is a friendly British based ticket agency that covers every Grand Prix of the season. Despite being based in Great Britain, BookF1 will send tickets world wide – so customers from any country can use their service in total confidence. They offer F1 ticket prices in five currencies which are GPB, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars or in US Dollars. They accept a wide range of payments including Debit/Credit Card (this can be online, by fax or even phone), as well as PayPal, bank transfer and cheque/postal order. The choice really is yours! is another great ticket company, based in Monaco. They were formerly known as Global Grand Prix, but rebranded in 2011 after becoming a global ticket agent for numerous sports events. The website is run by a company under the name of the Platinum Group. I believe this is what will appear on your bank statements after purchasing tickets (which can sometimes confuse customers). Based in Monte Carlo, GooTickets sell Monaco Grand Prix tickets at a great price every year. The range of currencies that prices can be viewed in is enormous: EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, BRL, CAD, CNY, JPY, SCG, TRY, AED, MYR, CZK, BHD… and KRW! That’s a long list and you won’t need me to tell you that GooTickets cater for and ship tickets to F1 fans worldwide. Their latest design website is brilliant and very easy to use. is a nice little ticket website being run from Austria, however they act as the official ticket supplier to the Hungarian Grand Prix. They sell tickets for plenty

of other categories of racing, but cover every F1 race during the season. GPTicketShop is an international F1 ticket agent, but they only give you the prices of each race in one currency. It will either be in Euros or USD, depending on how they got the tickets off the promoter of the race. That may put some people off, especially if you like to compare F1 tickets on different websites. The website itself is great, with plenty of clear information on what tickets include and any other upgrades/options available. is another cool website you can check out for your F1 ticket needs should any of the others not comply with your needs. They are based in Hungary, but like the rest are open to orders from anywhere in the world. They have great availability for every race and an array of optional extras like hotels and car rentals if you are looking to book the full GP package.

F1 Tickets Resellers . and are not primarily F1 ticket agencies but they have moved into this area in recent years and have become big players in the industry. These websites act as a safe trading ground for fans to exchange tickets for gigs, concerts and sporting events which includes every Formula 1 Grand Prix each season. There is the potential for slightly inflated ticket prices, but they are the perfect websites to check out if you have left it late booking your F1 tickets and availability is limited. Grand Prix tickets can be purchased on the site even a day before the race itself. The best bit about it? Every single ticket sold is 100% guaranteed by the company – you cannot lose money on these websites. The days of being conned out of a lot of money are well and truly over. Beats gumtree!

If you would like any more information on the featured websites or have any questions regarding the sale of F1 tickets, please get in touch using the comments form below and I’ll be more than happy to assist.

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