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Where to buy bean bags in singapore

where to buy bean bags in singapore

Welcome to The Home of Bean Bags!

Welcome to Great Beanbags – your one stop shop for everything in the world of beanbags.

Since 1992 we have been making people’s comfy dreams come true.

Home-grown right here in the heart of the UK, we pride ourselves at delivering the best quality beanbag furniture that money can buy.

The beanbags is a great addition to any home. Whether it is for sprucing up a bachelor pad or if you are looking for a safe chair that will be perfect for children and pets, the beanbag is the answer.

They come in a range of styles, sizes and colours that are guaranteed to suit everyone. There is also a big variation on price to suit everyone – from cheap beanbags to the more expensive.

Beanbags are top of the range when it comes to top comfort inside or outside the home.

Comfort is King

What is the most comfy piece of furniture you can think of?

Our beanbag will beat it – guaranteed! Whether it is for working, chilling or even sleeping – the beanbag is one of the most comfortable seats you could ever buy. Perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Beanbags have an awesome effect on your body - there is nothing better reclining in a super soft beanbag and just chilling out. They can really help you cope with any aches and pains you have in your body.

That is why they even sell orthopaedic and ergonomic bags to help people who suffer with backache and arthritis. This has been proven to work substantially well, with great results for our customers.

Bring a Little Colour into Your Life

Beanbags come in all sorts of colours, and for many people that is part of their charm. Whether it as a stylish black piece for the playroom or an animal printed bag that is perfect for the bedroom – the beanbag is the perfect thing to snuggle up on and it looks great too.

Whatever room you choose

to pop your beanbag in, is sure to be vastly improved.

Take a look at our wide range, including a rainbow of colours, leather or cotton – and if you are feeling particularly patriotic, choose one emblazoned with your country’s flag.

Enjoy Versatility

Chic and stylish piece of furniture that is an excellent multi-tasker.

Perfect for gaming, the beanbag ensures that it supports all aspects of your body as you play your favourite console game.

It stops tension from gathering in your lower back, which in turn can help relieve stress and will stop you feeling the aches and pains you can get whilst sat in the same position for too long.

Their versatile nature means that they also look great outdoors – the easy clean exterior means it can be transferred from the garden to the living room and back again. Just try not to leave it out in the rain!

Even with our big beanbags, they are sure to be the easiest piece of furniture that you have ever moved!

It is a bed, a hammock and a sofa all in one! And will never go out of style – they have been trendy since the 70s.

Because Great Bean Bags have the facilities to make our own bean bags. we are offering our customers the opportunity to choose a customised piece – the crazier the better.

Look Familiar?

If you think you’ve seen our beanbags somewhere before – you’re probably right. We are proud to stock all sorts of TV programs, you’re sure to see our creations popping up all over the place including:

  • GMTV
  • Big Brother
  • The X Factor

And we also supply to lots of big businesses as well, such as the NHS and O2.

With all sorts of sizes on offer explore our exciting stock and make the purchase that keeps on giving – a beanbag chair.

Order now and you could be relaxing in your beanbag tomorrow! Log on now or call 0800 288 9063.

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