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Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit

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A survival kit built for hostile environments. Stick the Ultimate Kit in your backpack and hope your never have to use it. If you do, it has everything you need to survive in even the toughest spots.

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4 Aircrew Survival Equipmentman, USN retired Samuel - MAY 27, 2015

This isn't a bad kit but not worth $90. The survival books included are what raise the costs. Being a survival equipment specialist I would definitely keep the compass. Do not listen to Braden about leaving it out. You don't always have time or even need to wait until the morning to get where you are going. The most important thing I see left out are water purification tablets. Other than that it's a nice little beginners kit.

This is a very good set of equipment to add to your gear to save quite a bit of space. Although, I would like to have a small bottle of peroxide and a bit of cotton for those small cuts you get that you don't want to get infected.

They should make a new one called The Pro Survival Kit with a mini compass, a better min flashlight, Paracord rope, a mini pencil, a few more cotton balls, some bandages ans bands, and last but not least tablets.

This should cost in between 70-90 bucks

5 About the compass Braden - DEC 30, 2014

You don't need a compass anyways, get up in the morning; find

the sun, that's east, turn 90 degrees left, thats north, turn around, that's south, 90 degrees right, that's west, now you know.

It's a good kit very complete, small, but inclusive. It doesn't matter if the kit is perfect, people are still gonna hate on it. While yes a compass or lighter would help it is still an amazing addition to any survivalists arsenal.

I've honestly seen and made beater survival kits my self from bits and pieces all around diffrent stores.

It looks like crap. It is missing a couple key things that you need in a survival kit. It is missing a compass, water purifying tablets, and really any kind of first aid. It also has stuff you wouldn't need in a survival situation, like

You're better off buying good quality items separately and making your own kit that fits your needs. It would be cheaper or close to the same price but with better quality if you do. I wouldn't own any prefabricated "survival kit" if they were giving them away. Other than a prefabricated medical kit, I would stay clear of these types of kits.

its a good kit but it lacks a few important items such as a compass, what good is a survival kit that doesn't have a navigational tool? also a bic lighter might be nice, why survive when you can thrive. a lighter will make you that much more efficient, just add this stuff if you buy it.

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