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where to buy biospot

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The mission of making my dogs thick-and-flea -free domesticated pets doesn’t end in putting Bay-o-pet Tick and Flea Collar; another product from Bayer, Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap was recruited as reinforcement, just recently. And so far, neither my dogs nor I complain about it.

Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap is a hard blue soap, similar to the color of the packaging. The advantage of its small size has become evident after several uses; I can have a good grip of the soap even when it’s wet: I can rub it on my dog’s body without the soap slipping off my hand. Moreover, the hard structure of Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap proved too strong for water to dissolve it, resulting to a prolong use on my dogs and lessening the care expenditureon my budget. Unlike with my previous experience with other dog soap that dissolved easily together with the money I spent, almost the same price as the Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap.

In spite of the hardness of Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap, once I immerse it into water, it easily adhere to my dogs’ wet coat; gone are the days when I have to constantly rub a dog soap so as to achieve sufficient lather to remove the dirt and kill fleas and ticks. Using Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap, on the other hand, I can quickly create enough lather to ensure that no ticks and fleas will ever survive. As indicated in the label, I left the lather for 5 minutes. From the time I applied Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap,
  • I could smell its mild

    scent and perhaps so are my dogs, and yet, they show no sign of repulsion. Rinsing will partially take away the smell; as soon as my dogs’ coat dried up and till the following day, the scent is completely gone. According to the instruction, daily application of Bay-o-pet is permissible; however I chose to bathe my dogs once or twice a week or whenever necessary. The ability of ticks and fleas to transfer from one host to another has challenged me to develop a strategy: to bathe our 3 dogs the same day, keeping ticks and fleas from seeking refuge. In times of improbability my sister and I make it appoint to bathe the rest the next day. In January 2010, our puppy is turning 3 months old; by

    that time she too can benefit from Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap and no longer endure the itchy bites of tick and flea .

    Bathing is not the only hygiene where our dogs could benefit from Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap. When our dogs’ coat is dried, combing ensues with ease: my dogs enjoy being combed without getting hurt, and as for me, I like combing their coat without dealing with tangles, as if they’ve used a conditioner, when in fact, it’s all the doing of Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap.

    For a healthy, cuddly, and parasite-free dog I highly recommend Bay-o-pet Asuntol Tick and Flea Soap. The price of more than Php 60.00 is somewhat reasonable for the jobs of Asuntol: getting rid of tick and flea. and making your dog’s coat manageable and soft. where to buy biospot

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