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One of the modern marvels of the world, (my modern world anyway) is the invention +/or discovery of blotting paper.  Tell me you know about this stuff.  You do know about it,  right?  If not no biggie, that’s what I’m here for, to help you navigate the sometimes weird world of beauty.

Blotting papers are these magical little squares of paper that absorb oil from your face.

Truth.  You know I wouldn’t dare tell you guys any lies, I love you too much.

This is what blotting paper looks like, little unobtrusive pieces of wafer thin paper.  It’s actually rice paper which is super fantastic at absorbing oil from your gorgeous mug and doesn’t leave anything behind so you won’t end up with powder residue on your nose when you head to the ladies to touch up your makeup.

Women still do that, don’t they?  Or is the ladies room just for a quick bit of gossip and general outfit rearranging?  I usually generally go to the restroom when I’m out and about because I’m an old lady with an old lady / post kid bladder.  Once in a while I refresh my lipstick in there but not much else because

I know who I’m going home with at the end of the night.  And he’s totally hot.

Anyway.  We’ve established why you need blotting paper in your life, let’s get to the DIY .

I didn’t even mean to do that.

The reason I make my own DIY blotting paper is because sometimes products in the beauty world worth having are crazy expensive, e.g. how to pore strips and blotting papers.  I don’t know about you but I prefer spending my money on Diet Dr Pepper and good books so I make DIY lip gloss. wax my own eyebrows. and now home made DIY blotting paper.

Don’t freak out, but this DIY is made from toilet seat covers.

I had a handful of friends lose their minds when I shared my beauty trick with them.  If you’re uncomfortable using toilet seat covers go to an office supply store or big box store and buy a huge, ginormous pack of them and split it up with a hundred million people.  I’m not even remotely worried about using these covers, but that could be the younger-kid-from-a-huge-family in me talking.

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