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How a triple beam balance works

how a triple beam balance works

We have NO remaining stock on the Acculab EC-2100. Acculab is a victim of deleveraging and the brand Acculab has terminated production on December 31, 2010. The information listed below on the EC-2100 is for reference only for those people researching the specification on a EC-2100 scale they already own.

Yes - Acculab DOES NOT EXIST in 2011 since Sartorius decided to shutdown the Acculab brand name. Comparable scales with 1 gram readability would be models like the MyWeigh KD7000. A&D SK-2000. ECS 6KG. ECS 10KG. or Ohaus CS5000. If you need additional help finding a digital scale that is in stock give the experts a call at Precision Weighing Balances since we carry scales from many other manufacturers.

ECON EC-2100 low cost educational digital scales are becoming the standard school digital scale for the elementary science classroom all over the world.  When costs matters and you need dependable weighing results the name is ACCULAB.  Acculab econ scales are the perfect electronic scale to introduce students to the concepts of weight.  Place a 2 inch cube of hardwood like maple or oak on the scale and record the reading on the digital display.  Now place a 2 inch cube of styrofoam on the weighing

pan.  Its a cinch for the students to see not all objects that are the same size weigh the same.

Econs digital scales offer ease of use and simple to store away.  Typical class time is 45-55 minutes so why keep buying those triple beam balances that take longer to set-up and weigh?

Acculab Econs digital scales offer ease of use and simple to store away.  The Econ Scales are the only scale we know of that is stackable.  The unique design allows for stacking up to 5 Acculab Econs on top of one another for storage.  Forget those big bulky triple beam balances - digital is the weigh of the future and mechanicals are out.

Plus as an added feature the Econ digital scales incorporate a transportation-locking device.  This lessens the chance of the loadcell from being damaged when not in use.  Loadcell failure is the #1 failure typically the result of the scale having an excessive load on the weighing pan when the scale is off and not in use

Typically high schools select the Acculab Vicon digital scales since they offer 2 or 3 decimal place graduations depending upon the model you select.

Acculab digital scale EC-2100

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