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We can offer anything from bubblers to bongs from $10 dollars to $1000, the ultimate smoking experience found at your local pipe shop with a click of a button. We offer anything from tobacco pipes, smoke pipes, water pipes, glass water pipes, and metal pipes. Looking for cheap water pipes, cheap glass pipes or any cheap pipes in general? Here’s the place to find it all. With our occasional pipes for sale seasons you can get a glass pipe or bongs and bubbler pipes at awesome prices! Shout out to all smokers, cool pipe designs, tobacco pipe products, glass smoking pipes and much more are available here at any time with fun and affordable deals!

The Origins of Glass making

The history of glass making which makes our current day pipes so accessible is quite interesting. The ancient art of glass making was an extraneous process. Such a process started in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia; using molten sand, thus compressing it through a mold with lime and clay. It was a goldmine of the time. Due to the fact that it took a lot more than the simple tools we have now to make glass, glass was known to be a gem of the century. Nearly around the year of 30 BC the Romans had changed glass “molding” into a blowing process. When glass is at a warm temperature it is blown into by a pipe thus shaping it into any form. This made possible for the magnificent and intricate designs of bongs, water pipes, blubbers, hookahs and all kinds of glass pipes in general. As time progressed these pipes that were created for tobacco use have largely been used as medicinal marijuana pipes also known as weed pipe use, thus a shift in culture evolved. This shift involved fashion, culture, interior design and a lot of different sociofactors.

The Art of the Glass Pipe

The first showing of the glass pipe was around the 70’s. Before this time, many acrylics, plastic, ceramic water pipes and Indian hookah pipes were seen in smoke shops. The glass pipes are offered with all kinds of designs. Multiple double glasses and single glass with neon or clear designs are found. Also custom unique designs such as figures and shapes are customized through the process of melting color glass sticks over the heated pipe and rotating it into shape. The inside out pipe as it is known is one of the most recognizable and demanded type of glass pipe which consists of decorative colors intertwined inside of the pipe instead of outside the pipe. This method is what creates those kaleidoscope and 3D patterns we all know and love, with much patience and accuracy from the glass blower. Also during this time, somewhere around 1963, the distinctive reggae music of Bob Marley in a group called the Wailers had hit it big time. In 1974 the Wailers had disbanded and Marley ventured off on his own to later create the one love campaign and spread the peace, equality and harmony outlook at

life, he began to be an idol for spirituality and open mindedness. His music which opened up many truths showed a lot of love for the use of marijuana. With his growing fans, the use of glass pipes became widely accepted as weed pipe glass or marijuana pipes. The origins of the tobacco use became obscured. It was a new era for glass pipe development and design, though the origins of the bong, which was culminated in Africa, dates back to only be used for the use of cannabis. The glass pipe in fact later became made in different designs and shape to use as a weed pipe. These designs include larger bowls for a less compact hitting experience. In other words it helps with a more airy fluid hit, the more air circulation involved the smoother and clearer the puff. This is due to the fact that you get a hit of the actual substance over the used ash. The demand for “trippy” or creative weed pipe design became very high as more and more marijuana smokers requested specific Rastafarian colors and designs.

These inevitable skills combined with preferably Pyrex glass which is a special type of durable glass which is light in weight but unbreakable, makes for an impeccable product. These two characteristics make it easier to make larger pieces that will give great satisfaction due to the durable glass and the beautiful artwork. To go into detail, Pyrex is typically the name of the brand of Borosilicate glass that was created with boron oxide to be low-thermal, which means it is resilient to heat and used for kitchenware and bake ware. As time progressed the time of glass used was changed to tempered glass, due to conflict about the boron oxide. Tempered or “toughened” glass is created by the process of thermal control. This means that the way the glass is heated and the speed it is cooled at increases its strength due to the fact that it compresses the surface area and creates inner surface tension. Even if this glass falls and shatters, the shards are not jagged and are more rounded and chunk shaped instead of small pieces.

Another type of glass pipe are the Glass bats. These are a more compact, convenient and “stylish” version of the original bowl pipe. They can also be affiliated with straight shooters, which are a straight pipe with an open bowl in the end. Similar to a cigarette, but instead can be packed with tobacco at the end. As long as it is packed tightly, nothing can fall out of the bowl. The advantages of these types of pipes is the fact that they are known to be tasteless in flavor, avoid overheating and easy to carry. Just like any other type of pipe, they are made by Pyrex, single glass or inside out glass. They are often crafted using Pyrex glass and they can be single blown glass or inside out designed glass. Whatever the glass, you are sure to find your best quality glass pipe throughout our entire website.

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