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Where to buy carbon fiber cloth

where to buy carbon fiber cloth

Woven graphite is a fabric introduced in recent years which has become an excellent alternative to fiberglass and Kevlar - only mils thick with great strength. In addition to its great strength, graphite fabric also has very low density and is very stiff. Although it is quite costly, the material saving is appreciable since only one course of graphite is required for 3 or 4 of fiberglass. It cuts considerably easier than Kevlar. The excellent qualities of the graphite fabric itself give it an immediate waiting market in the aircraft building field.

Graphite fabric is stocked in the three different styles shown below. Other weights and weaves of graphite are available on a special order basis. Be sure to specify the graphite style when ordering.

Carbon fibers are produced in a continuous operation, during which the polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor undergoes a series of precisely controlled processes. By exposing the precursor to extremely high temperatures, chemical changes occur which create high strength and stiffness to weight ratios through oxidation, carbonization and graphitization.

Subjecting the precursor to successive heat treatment and sizing stages makes for easier handling and improved bonding, resulting in a material that is stronger than steel,

lighter than aluminum and as stiff as titanium.

Regarding 01-01230, 01-01231, 01-01232

Hexcel manufactures the most complete line of carbon fabrics and specialty reinforcements for the composite industry and offers a thorough line of globally certified aerospace products.

Carbon fiber reinforcements, when properly engineered into the appropriate matrix, can achieve one of the strongest and most rigid composite structures available with significant weight savings when compared to metals and other materials.

In addition to the high strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber reinforcements are thermally and electrically conductive, have very low CTE and excellent fatigue resistance.

Hexcel Corporation can provide users with a wide variety of commercially available fabrics and specialty reinforcements with different ranges of tensile strength, modulus, and thermal/electrical conductivities.

Our fabric product line includes traditional 0/90 fabrics, +/-45 degree fabrics, flat-tow 12K fabrics, heat-set uni-directional fabrics, multi layered stitch bonded fabrics, lightning strike (LS) fabrics, double-weave fabrics, and hybrid (multiple fibers) fabrics woven with standard modulus or IM fibers. Many of these fabrics are qualified to major aerospace programs with listings on specifications such as BMS9-8, BMS9-17, 5PTMCT01, LMACT01, etc. and are available with our enhanced surface treatments such as PrimeTex™ ZB.

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