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How long does it take for beer to expire

how long does it take for beer to expire

C. is there any chance that cold crashing could make the yeast cell counts too low to adequately carb the bottles?

No, there's still BILLIONS of cells left after cold crashing. Plenty to carb up the beer.

The thing to realize is there's way too many variables at play to give you any kind of definitive answer about how long a beer takes to carb, or really ANYTHING for that matter.

All we can give is a guestimate, based on the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of posts on here by folks who's beers weren't carbed under three weeks, but were carbed after.

You just have to realize that carbonation is a foolproof process. You add sugar and the beer will carb. But it will takes EXACTLY as long as it

needs to do so, and not a moment before.

There's no way to know when that will be. So it's best just to wait the observed minimum. if it's carbed, fine, if not, check back in another week or two. and repeat the process as needed.


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