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Where to buy chimney pipe

where to buy chimney pipe

Proper way to install chimney pipe in metal building roof


I have a metal building that I would like to install a wood burning fireplace in. The metal roof panels are from Mueller and they are the R profile. They can be seen:

I have the underside, which would be the ceiling covered with Mueller's U panels, which can be seen here:

The wood burning stove I have requires a 8" ID stove pipe. My ceiling height at the point of exit through the roof is about 21 feet. I am very reluctant to penetrate the ceiling and roof panels, as I am afraid of not being able to seal it properly. Since I have metal panels on the ceiling, if

any water leaked through the roof panels, it would run right down the ceiling panels to the wall, and I wouldn't know I had a problem until I started seeing water damage.

So, my question is, should I penetrate the side wall and then turn the pipe up, or penetrate the ceiling/roof panels? I know people penetrate the roofs of metal buildings all the time, so what is the proper method and proper materials to use?

I plan to run single wall stove pipe to within 18" of the ceiling, and then transition to insulated stainless chimney pipe to penetrate the ceiling/roof. The stainless has on OD of around 11-12."

The has been worrying me to death so any sound advice would be greatly appreciated.

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