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Where to buy clay pigeon targets

where to buy clay pigeon targets

Exploding Clay Pigeon Targets

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Exploding Clay Pigeon Targets

Set of 10 Exploding Clay Pigeon Targets. Simply attach the Exploding clay pigeon target to the back of a standard clay pigeon and let the fun begin! Complete boys? heaven!

The 65 mm Firebird Target is aptly named THE SHOOTING STAR and is an exciting enhancement to clay pigeon shooting. On impact from a high velocity projectile, such as a pellet from an air rifle or shotgun, the target ignites producing a pyrotechnic reaction. The reaction of these exploding clay pigeons is a bright flash, masses of white smoke and a fairly loud bang

Each disk has a very high tack double sided tape attached to the back making it very easy to attach to a standard clay. One of its key design features is that it is shallow enough to allow clays to stack in an automatic trap as they would normally. It is

most effective when shot as a driven or crossing bird as The Firebird Target will only ignite if you actually hit it! If you don?t hit it you can simply use it again. Imagine the surprised reaction of the gun if you don?t tell him/her that you have attached the shooting star to the clay.

The Firebird Reactive Target will certainly add another dimension to clay pigeon shooting and is designed to make clay shooting an even more thrilling experience. This must be the ultimate boy?s toy for a shooting enthusiast and a gift for the man who has everything.

Each pack contains 10 disks which stick on the back of full size or midi clays.

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Exploding Clay Pigeons! - The Firebird Shooting Star is a reactive firework which explodes when you hit the clay! Set of 10 disks per pack.

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