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Hair. Brunette, Wavy, Coarse

Hair. Brunette, Curly, Coarse

Eyes. Brown

(No acne, sensitivity or skin issues. I have normal to dry skin)

I tried the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and I could not stand it, so I exchanged it for this product.

I normally use the OCM with coconut oil. I am taking Retin-A for antiaging, and Cetaphil was recommended by my dermatologist. So I decided to wash once per day with the Cetaphil and once per day with my trusty coconut oil.

This smells. Do you remember those heart candies that came around on Valentine's Day with little writing on them? This smells like those and it's very pervasive, and it lingers. A sickeningly sweet candy smell.

I won't use it anymore just for that reason. Fragrance-sensitive folks beware.

However, I did wash with it several times and it certainly left my face a lot cleaner than the Cetaphil gentle cleanser. I was able to wash and rinse without needing to use a washcloth or puff of any kind. It also left my skin feeling clean but not dry.

I'm on Retin-A, so I'm not blaming this particular product, but it stung my face. You know what doesn't sting my face? Coconut oil. Neutrogena gentle daily foaming cleanser does not sting. I also recommend trying out Basis facial cleansers if you can find them, they're very cheap and very good.

My foray into the world of Cetaphil was brief and thankfully it is over.

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