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Where to buy cloth diapers

where to buy cloth diapers

Everyone has their favorite place to shop for cloth diapers.  But, when you’re new to everything you have no clue where to start.

If you’ve checked out the My Recommendations tab you’ll see many linked to Amazon .  Why Amazon? Amazon isn’t likely to move pages around and stop carrying something which creates less work for me (i.e, broken links).  But, they aren’t the only place to buy what I use and recommend.

My favorite cloth diaper stores are clean, easy to navigate and have a wide selection.  Most brands sell for the same price across the board but occasionally I’ll find a sale somewhere.

Banana Peels Diapers. I’ve been shopping here so long it’s just my go-to store. I *wish* I would have seen that today- yes TODAY- Heather is having her Black Friday sales. They end in the morning at 8am so if you can shop do it now! The #1 reason I keep shopping with Banana Peels Diapers is the excellent customer service and lightening fast shipping. I’ve been exceedingly satisfied with every purchase.

Little Fluff Monster. A new store that you’ll see referenced a lot now! This store is owned by the WAHM behind my favorite newborn cloth diaper. Mutts! I’m glad I have all the newborn diapers that I need because there are a few I really wanted. The site is still in the growing stages but I look forward to seeing it flourish. Free shipping. My favorite store to buy second hand (and many new) cloth diapers.

Sweetbottoms Baby. Free shipping. Retailer to one of my new favorite diapers, Kawaii Baby. I love that Beth carries brands that many other retailers don’t: BumWare and Nifty Nappy to name a

couple. Newborn cloth diaper rental program.

Kelly’s Closet. Busy site but there’s lots to choose from. I go to Kelly’s Closet when I want to see what new diapers are out.

Diaper Wagon. Free shipping. Clean site. I like that she has lots of sales…well, my husband won’t let me buy any more cloth diapers BUT I do like to look :)

These are just a few of the amazing online cloth diaper stores. Sometimes I just want to support the small guy (you know what I mean…the small WAHM ;) ) so I go with a local store.  For me that’s Go Baby Go .  When I need something in a flash (like when I needed Flip disposable inserts) I can order from there.

Other times I support WAHMs that have hosted giveaways here on All About Cloth Diapers.  Gigglebritches and Pooters are two that come to mind.

The most important part of buying anywhere is the relationship.  Do you feel comfortable spending your money at that store?

One of the first things I do when I visit a site for the first time is find the About page.  I want to know who I’m supporting.

Remember when I said “I *think* I’m set. If only I could stop reading about how wonderful the xs Bum Genius aios are…” in my last post about cloth diapering a newborn.

Well, guess what I see as I’m browsing some great cloth diaper stores: Bumgenius XS Rental. I really need to have twins to support my obsession with itty bitty cloth diapers.  One of you needs to take advantage of these rental programs and write us a review!

Where do you do all your cloth diaper shopping?

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