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Where to buy clothes hangers

Simple, strong, smart and sustainable the amazing recycled hanger has it all. Our range of 100% recycled clothes hangers add 0% to landfill and our recycled clothes hangers are 100% compostable. Need more space in your wardrobe? Our recycled hangers save you 40% wardrobe space.

Our recycled clothes hangers are as strong as they are elegant and hold up to 9kg in weight and are made out of 100% recycled content, FSC Certified, K2 Paper Fiberboard. This highly compressed material is the strongest paper-based material available. Each

recycled hanger has a slightly different look due to the highly unique recycled paper content.

The recycled hanger product range is available for baby, child and adult - perfect for all the family - and is also available for retail and smaller fashion labels. The beautifully designed recycled clothes hanger is the clothes hanger for the 21st century and is the best choice for the discerning buyer, modern family or savy business owner. Make a wise decision and try our recycled clothes hangers today, once used, we guarantee you will never use any other type of hanger.

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