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Where to buy clothesline rope

where to buy clothesline rope

Paid for itself in utility costs.

The line will sag badly if using the full 40' in a single run. I run out 19' of line, wrap it around a tree limb, then run it 19' back to a position 4' to the side the starting point. The complete line forms a Vee. That allows me to use almost the entire line with a minimum of sag, even when loaded with sheets and towel.

The plastic mounting bracket will break. It's just a matter of time. It should have been made of metal. You can salvage the unit:

1. Make your own bracket out of 1" by 6-7" mending strap. Bend to shape in a vise. Drill 4 holes. Use 2 bolts and nut to attach new bracket to reel unit tabs or 1 long bolt for easy removal. Mount to wall.

2. Replace the broken

mounting bracket with a 3" boat/flag cleat. Attach the end of line (D ring). Run the line back to the cleat. Wrap the line in a figure eight around the cleat. Hang the reel unit on an L hook to keep it from dangling.

3. Use two sturdy L hooks. One on top and one on the bottom. Screw in the L hooks to mounting surface.

4. Use a 1 1/4" x 2 15/16" block of wood or dowel to fit between reel tabs. Cut off 1/4" along length of dowel. Predrill holes in ends. Predrill 2 mounting holes through flat side of dowel. Glue 1" washers to ends. Attach dowel between reel tabs with screws. Mount dowel, flat side to mounting surface.

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    Mounting bracket breaks

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