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The concert ticket is one of the most sought after tickets in the industry as there is no off-season for concert tours. With a year round demand for some of the music industry’s most prominent artists, the average ticket price for concerts can vary tremendously, but as demand for a concert builds so too does the average price of the ticket.

While some of the most expensive concert tickets of the year came from big classic rock names like Paul McCartney ($241 average ticket price), Fleetwood Mac ($282 average ticket price), and Roger Waters ($314 average ticket price), there were many more contemporary artists leading the list than in recent years.

Among these artists, two of the most accomplished women in the show biz, Beyonce and Pink. filled in as the 7th and 9th most expensive tickets in 2014 respectively. Beyonce’s “Mrs. Carter Show” pulled in an average ticket price of $282 with Pink’s “The Truth About Love” tour coming in a close 9th at a $270 average price per ticket. Jay Z & Beyonces summer stint in 2014 during their “On the Run” tour topped Mrs. Carters solo run at an average ticket price of $306.22. Among others in the new age era, Justin Timberlake ($339 average ticket price), Maroon 5 ($364 average ticket price), and One Direction ($460 average ticket price) all made

the 2014 top 5 most expensive concert ticket list.

Along with Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, and Fleetwood Mac the Classic Rock genre was well represented by The Eagles, who took the number four position at an average ticket price of $354. All however were cast in the shadow of the Rolling Stones “50-Year History” tour in 2014. The half-century old band proved that they could still appeal to today’s new age audience garnering an average ticket price of $624, the most expensive concert ticket of the year.

There is no hiding the fact that the bigger names carry a bigger price tag, but venue and timing can be somewhat of a contributing factor as well. While sliding in to the year’s 5th most expensive concert ticket overall, when you look at just summer tours, Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience” tour led the pack at $350, $10 more than his spring and fall shows. In fact, the summer’s cheapest average ticket price, Katy Perry ($262 per ticket) rang up at $20 more than the year’s cheapest ticket. So while it may be more convenient to attend a show in the summer, it will also be a bit more pricy. Other big tickets this summer included Cher ($286), Bruno Mars ($280), Aerosmith ($275), and “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen at an average ticket price of $270.

Ticket prices based on averages as of September 18, 2014

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