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Where to buy concert tickets online

where to buy concert tickets online

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Brother in Laws Wish

I work with a charitable group that helps provide people who are very sick with a few chances to do their favorite things. I love my job because it always keeps my heart soft and it gives me the opportunity to give to the world. Over the years I have learned where the best places are to purchase gifts for people. One of those places is They always have tickets to sold out concerts and events. When I am looking for tickets to something that is already sold out, that is the first site I go to.

I was struck with a serious blow when I found out that my brother in law was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. The ripple of worry that it caused through my whole family was quite intense. No one knew how to react and things started to get tense. After shedding some tears in the privacy of my room I decided that I needed to do something to change the atmosphere in my family. I went

downstairs to where my brother in law was and asked him what he would like to do this weekend. He looked at me with a sparkle in his eye and told me he wanted to go to Monster Jam. I laughed for a moment and then nodded and told him we would all go. Instantly the mood in the house changed.

I went to my room and got on my computer knowing exactly where to buy Monster Jam tickets. In just a few minutes I had bought tickets for everyone. It was so easy to purchase them at this site because they had tickets available even though it had been sold out already and it wasn't just two tickets. It was enough for my whole family to be able to go. We went to the show that weekend and had a great time. Everyone's hearts were lifted and I knew that it meant a lot to everyone. I noticed that at the bottom of the page there was a place to email comments and so I sent the site a thank you and told them this story.

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