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how long does it take to get the hormonal balance right?

how long does it take to balance hormones

how long does it take to get the hormonal balance right?

Hi there,

I have been on tri-est and progesterone starting a few weeks after my TAH. See end of my post for details.

I have been seeing my doctor regularly. A fe w weeks ago, after a saliva test, she told me to reduce my DHEA down to 20mg a day instead of 40 a day. I still had heaps of the 40mg capsule so she said to take 40mg every second day.

I still get flair ups of hot flashes from time to time. I tire easily, feel exhausted when I been out and about. Still having digestive problems and am on a restricted diet.

Not really feeling happy, can easily feel what could be a low grade depression.

I have been on an anti depressant since before the surgery and am on 25mg of prothiadin at night.

She has advised me to stay on this for the time being.

I can have sleeping problems, wake in the night or early and can't get back to sleep.

When will I feel normal? When will the hormonal balance feel right?

I am due to see my doctor mid January but just thought I would post here to see if anyone can shed some light on what is going on for me.

Also, had a small amount of bleeding yesterday.Very strange. I have what feels like some pre menstrual cramps and dragging feeling today.

Any thoughts and/or support appreciated. Right now, it's hard to imagine feeling good or "normal" again.

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