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How To Tell When Tires Need Balancing

how long does it take to balance tires

This film takes you through the reasons why your car's wheels need balancing, the kind of weight to aid your inspection and the steps in checking the wheels before you consult and have it rebalanced by your tire dealer.

Right, we're now going to show you or explain to you why your vehicle may need the wheels balancing. There's a number of reasons for this. The main reason is whilst you're driving the vehicle, you'll feel a vibration through the steering wheel.

This generally happens at certain speeds. Most vehicles, it will happen at 30 to 40, 60 and 70. Other speeds around that, the symptoms may dissipate.

You can see here, this is the standard kind of balanced weight. These are on most vehicles nowadays. You will find that they will be removed by brushing against curbs, etc.

and large potholes in the roads can remove them because they're basically clipped onto the edge of the wheel. Use this weight to see, to give the wheel a visual inspection, and you'll see a mark where the said weight has

been removed. There is another kind of weight which is your stick-on weight which is here, which is mostly used on alloy wheels, which are hidden out of the way so you don't get the ugly hang-on weights on the outside.

The other reasons for balancing the wheels are like for longer life of the wheel and bearings, etc. It all helps to steady and maintain a better driving condition. You could also find that you need to rebalance the wheels once the tires start to wear down more.

If you've got adverse wear on the tire, usually your tracking issue or wheeling issue, because you're removing rubber from the tire, it would then basically throw the tire out of balance. Again, this will help prevent excessive wear to joints, wheel bearings, other joints and suspension parts. So, it's always wise to keep them in check, especially when you have a tire fitted, that will need balancing on the rear end of the vehicle.

To rebalance the wheels, you need to consult your local tire dealer or main dealer for that.

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