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Where to buy corn cob pipe

where to buy corn cob pipe

Step 4: Corn cob pipe - part 1

The official history tells of Popeye (along with many other sailors) using corn-cob pipes. This is a functioning pipe, so no glue was used. The mouthpiece is friction-fitted to the cob.

First thing is to gobble up some corn on the cob.

Dry cob in oven at 100°C (200°F) for 4 hours, leave the oven door open some to allow moisture to escape. Check every hour to ensure your cob doesn't burn.

bowl opening:

Once your cob is mostly dried it's time to drill the bowl opening.

The size of your opening will depend on the girth of

your cob. To prevent the cob splintering I attached a hose clamp around where the bowl opening while drilling.

Bowl opening was bored using a 12-14mm (1/2") drill bit to a depth of about 40mm (1.5").

cut to length:

After bowl opening is drilled, cut the cob about 5mm (3/16") from the bottom of your bowl bore.

You may notice the core of your cob is still not dried. If this happens fire the cob back into the oven at 100°C (200°F) again for about an hour. For good measure, after the second round in the oven I immersed the cob in a bag of salt for a few days to wick any remaining moisture.

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