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Where to buy cute clothes

Where To Find Cheap & CUTE Workout Clothes!

As a college girl who works out on an almost daily basis, I (like many others) known the very real struggle that is trying to find workout clothes that aren’t hideous and/or $100+ per item.

But after a long time of buying many many many (many) workouts clothes, I have found my personal favorites of WHERE to shop and WHAT to shop for when you go. And here is my list!

Forever21 is obviously a brand that sells mass amounts of cheap clothes. They actually have pretty decent workout clothes too and nothing is over $30. I love the sports bras, tank tops, and headbands from here as well as the yoga tights. Avoid leggings and shorts for running because they tend to slide down and be irritating if you run distance.

I could actually write a novel about how much I am obsessed with everything that is Target. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of my mom taking me there all the time as a kid, but it’s probably because everything in there is AWESOME. They have a few things a little pricier (like the Champion running tights are around $45) but for the most part everything is cheap and pretty cute. I especially love their winter running stuff and obviously Target has a bunch of options for hats, headbands, socks, etc.

PS I am VERY anti-Walmart. Like I could write a sequel

to my love of Target novel about my hatred of Walmart. That is all.

H&M is another store that has really cute clothes in general for really cheap, but I feel like a lot of people don’t really notice that they have workout gear. Not as much of a selection as Forever 21, but still cheap and cute and, in my opinion, better quality. I love the basic tanks and tees as well as their shorts.

I feel like Old Navy is a store that people have really been discovering for gym gear. They have a lot of colors and a great selection, and go during their sale because it is REALLY GOOD. My favorites here are crop leggings, shorts, and yoga tights.

*I don’t like yoga PANTS but my best friend does and she is obsessed with these. I’d give them a try!

This is like my holy grail of name brand clothes for cheap. But you have to essentially diligently stare at your computer waiting for new items, and the second they come up, buy them. They usually have a lot of XL or L sizes, but if you are an S or XS like me, you have to search. But they have amazing deals. I recommend pretty much buying anything from here.

I will say that as far as shoes go, they are an investment that you should spend good money on. For my favorite running shoes, CLICK HERE.

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