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Dallas Cowboys Football Tickets

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most historic teams in the National Football League. They were nicknamed “American’s Team” due to their extreme success and popularity throughout the 1960s, 70s and 90s, and their accomplishments have continued to the present day. Will they make it all the way to the Super Bowl this season? Buy your Dallas Cowboys tickets today to witness the action as America’s Team makes a run at the Lombardi Trophy.

An all-around historic team

The Dallas Cowboys are also home to a number of Pro Football Hall of Famers including including Bob Lilly, Troy Aikman, Larry Allen, coach Tom Landry and many other Super Bowl MVPs. But their prominence doesn’t stop with their players. The Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders are also a spectacle to be seen. Much like the football team itself, they didn’t start out as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders we all know and love today. In 1960, the original cheerleading squad was a made up of a male-female

group called the CowBelles & Beaux. In 1969, the team revamped its image by dropping the male cheerleaders and recruiting members from local high school cheerleading squads in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. From then on, they were known as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, widely considered one of the best cheerleading squads in the NFL. The enthusiasm behind this team is also embodied in Rowdy, who became the Cowboys’ official mascot in 1996.

An event for all

One thing is for sure - the Cowboys’ games are a treat for everyone in the family. Whether it’s a home or away game, there’s nothing like the NFL experience. The excitement of being in the stadium with athletes ready to bring their best and fans full of support is contagious for all present. From their crisp white and blue uniforms to their famous cheerleaders, the Dallas Cowboys are one of a kind. Make sure you’re ready to cheer on your favorite players and team, and buy your Dallas Cowboys tickets today!

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