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Diabetic Shoes or Sneakers

where to buy diabetic shoes

No out of pocket Cost to you!*

No out of pocket Cost To You!* Medicare, and most insurance plans, may cover the cost of one pair of diabetic shoes and three pairs of custom inserts per calendar year.*

4 Easy Steps To Receive Your New Therapeutic Shoes.

How Does Diabetes Cause Foot Problems?

Diabetes can cause neuropathy (nerve damage), which reduces feeling in your feet. This makes you less likely to feel the early warning signs of foot problems. Decreased circulation reduces the ability to heal and fight off infection. These two conditions significantly increase the likelihood of foot complications, infection, and ulceration.

Twenty four million people have diabetes, and twenty-five percent of this population will develop foot problems caused by their disease. We provide the most fashionable orthopedic shoes available, in a variety of styles and brands,

to help treat and prevent painful diabetic symptoms.

Our orthopedic shoes reduce the pressure and friction on your feet that can lead to foot injuries. Custom inserts relieve pressure and cushion your feet. Diabetic Socks and our therapeutic shoes are also accurately sized and padded to ensure that there is enough room in the toe-box, heel, and arch of the shoe. All of these features provide you with the very best in comfort and help prevent potential foot complications.

Anyone with Diabetic Neuropathy, poor circulation, high risk of infection or nerve damage can benefit from diabetic socks and our shoes. Medicare patients who qualify are eligible for one pair of shoes and three sets of custom insoles per year - at no out of pocket cost to them. Additionally, most private insurance companies will cover the same benefits as Medicare.

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