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Where to buy discount disney world tickets

where to buy discount disney world tickets

Our Members - in the US and 40 other countries around the world -

Dread the hassle of booking your own vacation? Not sure you will get the best possible price?

Beth, our full service Florida travel agent, handles all of our members' reservations. She is familiar with all of our deals and she will continue to monitor your reservations to make sure you are getting the best possible deal. If she finds a better deal, she will switch your reservation to the new deal without any intervention from you! Now that's peace of mind!

What began in 1997 with the publication of our book, Secrets To An Affordable Walt Disney World® Vacation . has become.

Your "one-stop" trusted resource for Disney discounts, deals and vacation assistance!

AffordableDisney.Com Members and their families enjoy 24/7/365 online access for your entire family to a veritable 2000-page Treasure Trove of Disney inside information. including:

Our online travel guide, "Secrets To An Affordable Walt Disney World® Vacation!"
  • Coupons, deals, discounts and specials at Walt Disney World, Florida, Disneyland, California, Disneyland Paris, cruises, and other venues in Florida and around the world!
  • Disney online library.
  • Customized tours for adults, children and romantic couples!
  • Florida travel agent specializing in Disney travel who is familiar with all our deals and will book all of your vacations for you at Walt Disney World or anywhere else in the world!
  • Authorized Disney Discount Ticket Agent with the best deals on all your Florida vacation needs with an exclusive discount for Affordable Disney Members! Over 25 years in business in Florida!

  • + Ongoing updates

    + Specials on non-Disney locations

    + Travel agent who works full time in Florida who can book affordable vacations for you at Walt Disney World or anywhere else in the world!

    "What a relief to find a place that covers everything on one page . All of those sites. it was overwhelming and we didn't know where to start or end. "

    "I have been very overwhelmed and frustrated doing my own searches and not knowing what level of expertise I

    was accessing. you have everything I need to plan and still be sane. "

    "Where to Point Your Mouse for Orlando Discounts - No one expects you to spend every spare minute searching the Internet for Orlando bargains. So why not let the bargains come to you? . [See] the Affordable Disney website. and. electronic book called "Secrets To An Affordable Walt Disney World Vacation." SmarterLiving.Com

    Note To First Time Visitors

    You can follow the advice of other websites out there, but how can you be sure that you're getting the best possible deal? And good luck on getting your email answered or getting help with your vacation planning!

    Beth, our travel agent, makes sure that Affordable Disney members end up with the best rate. She will change your reservation to the best deal available without any intervention from you.

    The Affordable Disney Difference

    When You Need A Break From The Mouse

    Unlike other sites that focus on Disney parks and the immediate surrounding areas 100%, we recognize that people who love Disney may not want to go there for every vacation. So in addition to getting all the great Disney tips and tricks, our members also have free access to the addendum that has continuous updates about other vacation options that they may also find attractive. For instance, the Nickelodeon cruises, family-oriented all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, non-Disney cruises, Adventures by Disney, Las Vegas vacations and so on.

    Beth writes: "The fact is, MANY of my clients who started with me for a Disney vacation have come back in later years for non-Disney vacations. The kids grow up, Mom and Dad want a grown-up vacation, they get tired of theme parks and want a change. whatever the reason, a week at Disney World for every vacation isn't what most people want."

    White Glove Service

    Our online guidebook and customized tours are also included with our white glove service! During the past 15 years we've helped thousands of members experience the perfect Disney and non-Disney vacation. Why would you trust your family's vacation, time and money to anyone else?

    Click the castle if you're ready to join our Disney family.

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