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Where to buy double sided tape for clothing

where to buy double sided tape for clothing

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By Jigsaw on 12 Dec. 2009

This tape is absolutely brilliant.

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By Alex VINE VOICE on 17 July 2015

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This super sticky non-latex double-sided body tape comes in a handy flat pack containing 27 strips - 15 straight pieces (2.1 x 7.6 cm approx) and 12 curved pieces (2.6 x 6.8 cm, curve height 3.2 cm approx) which makes them easy to handle. Whether you use curved or straight pieces depends on the line of the garment you want to stick to your body.

Body tape is easy to apply so long as you remember to ensure there are no moisturisers, oils, fragrances or powders on the skin - if there are, the

tape simply won't stick and you'll have wasted a strip. With that proviso, using body tape is a breeze - if you've used double-sided sticky tape, body tape is exactly the same.

Press the garment to your body so you know where the line is. Remove the backing paper from the tape (the side with the flap), push the garment aside and press the tape sticky side down onto your skin where the garment was. Then peel the backing paper off the top layer (there's a wavy line in the middle) and press the garment onto the tape. And you're done!

It is possible to re-position the tape, but only once really as it'll lose stickiness and the tape may distort.

The tape is easy to remove - just peel off gently. Apparently you can use baby oil to dissolve any glue residue but I've never needed to.

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