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Dried Chipotle Chile Peppers


Chipotle peppers are actually Jalapeno peppers which are allowed to ripen and dry on the vine and then smoked to infuse them with the aroma of blazing mesquite-fired braziers. Incorporated into Southwestern and Mexican sauces and soups, the Chipotle lends a unique, smoky aroma and flavor to any dish.

Chipotle peppers are currently America’s favorite Southwestern cuisine flavor profile and are utilized in many top restaurants in sauces, stews, and brews. This little wrinkled reddish-brown Mexican chile packs quite a punch: ranking 2,500 – 5,000 on the Scoville Heat Chart (or 5 on The Chile Guy’s 0-10 heat scale), the Chipotle provides a kick of heat without searing your taste buds.

Our Chipotle comes straight from Mexico where The

Chile Guy personally peruses the markets in Vera Cruz and Guadalajara to negotiate for the best quality dried Jalapenos. The best Chipotle pepper comes from Jalapa—the capital of Vera Cruz—where Jalapenos first originated. In fact, Jalapenos were named after Jalapa (also known as Xalapa).

Our chipotle pepper flakes and dried chipotle chile peppers contain no additives, preservatives, or other spices. Since we do not use blends or additional ingredients, you are guaranteed that what you are getting is 100% natural, pure Chipotle!

The Chile Guy Chipotle peppers are used worldwide. Incorporate our Chipotle peppers into recipes and menus to give your customers mouth-watering, signature dishes! All of our chile and chile products are Kosher certified and FDA inspected.

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