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First of all may I offer you a big fat whooping hello and thanks for joining us, we mean it and not in a cheesy way. Hopefully at our humble teenage clothes store or a store for the young at heart as we like to put it, you will have fun (and buy stuff or die a painful death involving spiders with head masks!). Flip Flop and Fangs was created out of comedy and a love for people and emo clothes, hence we are fair trade and members of BAFTS. WTF? British Association of Fair Trade Shops. come on keep up. The bottom line is this alternative clothing UK can and should be fair to people that make your clothes or alternative apparel. You may have seen programs on BBC 3 about teenage girl clothing sweat shops Blood Sweat and Tears and how fashion can be really bad. Well we are the opposite end of the scale and really good, in fact we think we are one of the best teenage clothing stores in the UK. We make sure workers are paid fairly and invest into charitable work such as ARC Affecting Real Change in Africa and India, as well funding other producer groups around the world. In other words when you invest into us, we invest into others ensuring alternative apparel does not cost the earth or people’s lives!


When it comes to teenage clothing stores or clothing for the young at heart, (covering our butts here once again!) Flip Flop and Fangs offers quality that we promise is the best in the market for teenage girls clothes. Our alternative apparel jumpers are made in the UK and we are proud to support British jobs and create a balance in the business we

create for others. Teenage girls clothing should be made with a bit of British passion, it’s not all about profits for us. Our emo clothing UK comedy is unique to say the least, at times it’s a little naughty but it’s all in good jest and based around our House Of Random emo clothes philosophy. Hence making us the funniest teenage clothing store in the UK.

eMO CLOTHING UK Design a t shirt competition

Emo clothing UK is just cool kids choosing to be different and not follow the norm and wearing emo clothes, hey we love that. Who ever saw a boring rock star and said great, “You rock”. Yes I rest my alternative apparel case on that one, viva the revolution where people just want to be different. Our design team would love your input so if you do have any teenage girls clothing or emo clothes for girls ideas please send them to us through our enquires page or you can enter our design a tee competition and win some kudos and free stuff like emo clothes.

Alternative apparel UK should lead the way in fashion when it comes to emo clothing UK and that is why we want to build the best teenage clothes stores in the world. Yes we are a bit daft but we are deadly serious about taking over the world with our Tourettes Bunny soldiers and leading the way! Alternative clothing UK is about being a little eccentric, we don’t mind the stereo type and happy to oblige, we are as mad as a bunch of chocolate frogs. really? Alternative clothing UK didn’t get to where it was by being normal, it took hard mental work like running around naked shouting, “The Crack Fox” stole my underpants.

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