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Z1 2.5" Piping and Intercooler combo $1,198.00 $1,078.00

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On a modified 300ZX TT upgraded intercoolers replace a restriction in the intake tract (stock intercoolers). Stock ICs were designed for the flow produced by stock turbos at around 10 psi.

As flow increases, whether it be turning up the boost on stock turbos with an ECU upgrade or upgrading to one of our new GTX turbo kits, the amount of restriction increases also. Replacing the restrictive stock units (or any other intercooler & stock piping on the market for that matter) with the Z1 Big SMIC kit results in power gains which are proportional to the increase in flow rate.

While the original Z1 SMIC kit has set the standard for years the market has reached new peaks and demanded more as higher limits of performance have become the standard.

The demand for superior response, higher flow rates and the best cooling capabilities has been addressed.

Enter the Z1 2.5” intercooler piping & Intercooler combo.

This kit has been engineered to perform! A focus on performance effectiveness and ease of installation was paramount, all the while trying to minimize potential points for failure. Similar to Nissan’s OE approach we have opted to

utilize boost hoses instead of the common hard pipe, this has reduced potential leak points by 25% when compared to every other system on the market. The lack of joints using the 4 boost hoses instead of hoses and piping means the amount of pipe leading edges in a system that can bring down air velocity due to drag has also been reduced by 25%.

After having the chance to install other piping kits on the market it was clear that better fitment was key to customer satisfaction. To insure this without sacrificing the performance our system maintains round pipes throughout, nothing flattened here. While any larger piping kit in the tight 300zx engine bay can be challenging to install the Z1 kit can even be installed with the radiator in place. In fact the hardest part is removing stock pipes!

Now that you have the supported flow you want to cool it right? Perhaps run a little more boost safely on a daily basis.

Don’t worry Z1’s new Big Side Mount Intercoolers are serious about cooling, with 15 rows of bar and plate cooling they are the largest available on the market.

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