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Where to buy ffxi

where to buy ffxi

Main Characters Rank. 10

All Subjobs Unlocked?. Yes

Characters Subjob. 99 Dark Knight

Characters Subjob. 99 Thief

Characters Subjob. 99 Monk

Characters Subjob. 99 Dancer

Characters Subjob. 58 Warrior

Characters Subjob. 49 Samurai

Characters Subjob. 40 Paladin

Total Conquest Points. 47,100+

Total Merits. 20

All Assets (describe). Beastly Shank, Blue pondweed, full kirin pop, some dyna currency

All Merits (describe). HP 15, STR 11, DEX 4, Dagger Great Sword Scythe 8, Dark Magic 8, Crit Hit Rate 5, Spell Int Rate 5, Counter Rate 3, Formless Strikes 5, Flee Recast 3, Triple Attack Rate 5, Assassins Charge 5, Feint 5, Souleater Recast 2, Last Resort Recast 3, Last Resort Effect 5, Diabolic Eye 5, Desperate Blows 5, Reward Recast 5, Call beast Recast 5, Feral Howl 5, Beast Affinity 5, Resolution 5, Exenterator 4, Entropy 4

All Combat Skills (describe). Axe 417, Parrying 334,

Scythe 445, Great Sword 433, Dagger 436, Evasion 423, Hand to Hand 371, Guarding 189, Shield 97, Sword 258, Club 248, Great Axe 259. Spiral Hell and Ground Strike unlocked

All Magic Skills (describe). Dark 383, Enfeebling 226, Elemental 243

All Passes/keys (describe). Sky/Sea access, most Outpost warps, 3 add-on storylines complete, most dynamis complete

All Missions Completed (describe). Rise of Zilart - Awakening, CoP - Dawn, ToaU - President Salaheem, WotG - In the name of the father, A Crystalline prophecy - (Fin.), A moogle kupo d'Etat- Fin, A Shantotto Ascension- Fin, Max fame in Bastok/Sandy/Windy/Jeuno/Norg level 4 fame in abyessa; atma of ducal guard obtained

All Crystals (describe). Dem, holla, mea, altep, yhoat, recall phasjugner

All Summons (describe). None

Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment. Amazing Gear, Great.

Your Characters Server. Quetzalcoatl

Your Characters Level. 99

Your Characters Job. Beastmaster

Main Hand. Astolfo

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