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FR Clothing – Fire Resistant, Flame Retardant Clothing

FR Clothing

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Fire Retardant Clothing

FR clothing is necessary in a wide variety of situations in which people deal with fire. Whether you are a welder, a fireman or a fire spinner, you need fire retardant clothing to protect your safety.

Our selection of FR clothing ranges from shirts, pants, jackets and coveralls to welder’s clothing and items that incorporate NOMEX material. Race car drivers and industrial workers alike depend on the protective, live-saving qualities of flame resistant and fire retardant clothing products on a daily basis.

FR Clothing

Fire retardant clothing is a special category of clothing which is needed to safeguard workers from the risk of fire spreading, exposure to excessive heat or other hazardous situations. It is so because there are some work places where danger of fire, electric sparks etc. is high or workers are exposed to direct fire or such other situations so to protect the workers’ life, it is necessary to wear fire retardant clothing while working. Fire retardant clothing is also named as flame resistant, fire resistant, flame retardant clothing or simply FRC. If any accident like fire spreading happens then a person needs time to run to the safer place and fire resistant clothing provides this time as it slows down the fire effects on human body.

Purposes of Fire Retardant Clothes

Fire retardant clothes are made necessary for the workers who are exposed to the work place hazardous situations, its benefits are:

• Fire retardant clothes protect workers against excessive heat or other hazardous situations faced by the worker according to the needs of the industry so it safeguards the workers life and health

• The fabric of these clothes is specially made so that it should not catch fire immediately so it resists against fire even if it catches fire, the process is very slow

• Fire retardant clothes protects body not to get heated immediately when exposed to heat

• In this hazardous situation, temperature of the surroundings increase no doubt but fire retardant clothes are designed to absorb the sweat and protect workers from any infection that can be caused by the sweat not absorbed

• Fire retardant clothes give workers enough time to run out of the danger place and reach to the safety zone

Fire resistant clothes protect workers against hazardous situations thus decreases chances of burn injuries and increasing the chances of survival of the workers

• Introduction of the fire retardant clothes in the hazardous work place conditions provide awareness to the workers about the safety culture

• When workers feel that their lives are so important to their employers then they perform their duties whole heartedly and efficiently

Attributes of Fire Resistant clothing:

There are different kinds of fire retardant clothes are available in the market. But before buying any such cloth, you should keep in mind that it must have following attributes:

• Fire resistant clothes should be made from a fabric that resists fire

• In case of hazardous situation, the fabric should not melt on the skin

• Fire retardant clothes should resist transmission of heat, sound or electricity to the worker

• Its fabric should reduce burn injury chances by slowing down the process of

catching fire, in result chances of survival will increase

• Worker should go for a well fitted fire retardant clothes as in case of hazardous situation heat should not pass to the lose areas of fire resistant clothes

• Fire retardant clothes should serve all the above purposes yet they should not be over weight, if this is the case then it would create difficulty for the worker in moving around the workplace so, fire resistant clothes must be comfortable in moving and working

• As fire retardant clothes are chemically treated so be sure that the chemical from which it is made that is not harmful to the human skin

• If any hazardous situation happens then for sure at that place must be heated up causing sweat to the worker so fire retardant clothe should be able to absorb the sweat efficiently otherwise it would cause infections to the worker

Industries where it is necessary:

Fire resistant clothing is used in the industries where workers have to work near flames or under safety hazardous situations. Some of such industries are:

• Safety workers like fire fighters

• Electrical and utilities workers

• Workers near machinery which emits sparks

• Military, law enforcement agencies

• Oil and gas industry workers

• Welders

Range of Fire Resistant Clothing:

The range of fire resistant clothing can differ according to the needs of the industry and choice of the buyer. Its available ranges are:

• Shirts

• Etc.

Fire resistant clothing is used with some accessories like hard hats, disposable gloves, high heat gloves, goggles etc. Accessories required may change form industry to industry so what is the requirement of your industry must be followed in this regard.

FRC Clothing

How to Choose Type

Many types of fire resistant clothing are available in the market but which one applies to your situation is determined by a process. That is:

1. Identify the hazard type in which your industry falls, how much intense your need is

2. Which standard of the law enforcing agency is applicable to hazard type of your industry

3. What protection level is needed to safeguard the life and health of the workers

4. Research in market what is available according to the level of protection you need to follow in your hazardous work place

5. Be sure that which type of fire retardant cloth you have chosen must have a mechanism of moisture treatment because excessive heat cause sweat that should be absorbed by the fire retardant clothing otherwise workers will have to suffer from different kinds of infections

6. Fire retardant clothing must be fit to the body of the worker as it is necessary for his safety

7. Fire resistant clothing must also be stretchable to make the movement and working of the worker easy

8. Evaluate the clothing according to what other industries of your category are using

9. Purchase the required clothing

10. Train employees about safe working conditions and better use of fire retardant clothing

Lastly, fire retardant clothing is very useful for protection from burn injury but remember it only reduces the chances not eliminates the chances. So, be very careful in working under such conditions.

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