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Question: I want to make a blance beam for gymnastics so i can practice and i want to know how. and is there a cheap matrial to put on the wood so it wont give me splinter?

Answers: you are going to need wood about fourinches long and three inches thick. it doesn't matter how long it is cuz your using it to practice. and depending on what your practicing makes a difference on what you use to cover the wood. if your going to be doing a lot of acrobatics (backhandspring, tucks) your going to want a thicker padding. but if your just going to do dance elements you should just cover it with a thin layer of a special foam. you can get the wood at lowes or home depot, and the covering a any fabric store.

Question: I want to make a balance beam instead of buying one of those expensive AAI beams

Answers: It`s very difficult to make a home balance beam. I recommend you to buy one of the AAI beams. Greetings The Freak

Question: I am looking to build my little budding gymnast a practice balance beam. Has anyone built one in the past and can pass on the instructions to me?

Answers: the balance beam is 16 ft long and 4 in wide so ull need 2 2in thick wood and stckl em for the part where u perform on and depeinding how tall u want it the take 2 2inch wood and nail and glue together and build anappropriate base for the beam, make sure u put carpeting or suede on the beam too

Question: ok, so yesterday i got my backwalkover on medium wide beam. although i have to do it with a big mat under, im excited. but everytime i start, i have to keep readjusting my back foot to make it comfortable. and then everytime i havn't done

one in awhile, i need a spotter like, 5 times, then i'll do it any tips on those^^ questions and how i can get it on a regular 4 inch beam??

Answers: Make sure you stay tight and straight. You can put some masking tape on the floor at home to practice it. Also you should butterfly your hands. Have your thumbs together. It will make it easier. Go 1,2,3 then over.

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Using a Triple Beam Balance : An early effort at creating educational instruction videos. This is a short instruction set for using a "triple beam balance" to measure mass. I made it for use by elementary/middle school teachers I work with, but i have used it in my own university class for pre-service teachers. If people find it useful, I will try to post more instructional videos (and presumably get better at it).

How to Make your Own Tofu : How to make your own handmade tofu from scratch or soy milk. It is very easy and cost effective to do much cheaper then buying it at a store. My apologies for lighting we are going to reshoot this video. Ingredients: Soy Beans (and Soy Milk Maker or Blender/Food Processor) Cheese Cloth Water A Large Pot Coagulant (Epsom Salt, Nigiri or Gypsum) A Common Strainer or a Tofu box Heavy Cans/Weight Plates/ or anything to add Weight Plate and Containers to store in Time Soak beans for appx 8 - 12 hours Make Soy Milk Use about 4 batches, or a good amount in a large pot - bring to a boil Reduce heat to medium-high add coagulant solution, stir only gently then leave it alone for the most part The process of separating should only take you about 25 minuets max, less time if you see it is done. Drain into cheesecloth lined strainer/box wrap, cover and add weight 5 minuets with less weight for softer tofu, more weight 10 - 30 minuets for firmer tofu

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