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18th Century Reproductions

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We at Smiling Fox Forge strive to bring you the highest quality 18th century reproductions you can buy.

Therefore they are neither inexpensive or cheap! We have all discovered "Real Quality" must be paid for.

For your shopping convenience Smiling Fox Forge LLC is now accepting ALL Major Credit Cards along with Pay Pal, for orders placed online and called in. When you place your order you will receive a confirmation email and someone will be in contact with you in 24 business hours. For any questions or concerns please call us at: (419)-334-8180 or email us at:

(All out of country orders will receive a Pay Pal invoice for shipping.)

We have supplied many 18th century re-enactors with top of the line 18th century clothing and 18th century reproductions. If you are looking for 18th century clothing for the serious 18th century re-enactor or are just beginning, you have come to the right 18th century clothing and 18th century reproduction store.We currently have 18th century Men's clothing. 18th century Women's clothing, and 18th century clothing for children.

Our 18th century reproductions are among the widest selection you will find. You will surely find and fill any 18th century need you may have.

18th Century Ladies

At Smiling Fox Forge we strive to clothe every size woman in the 18th century clothing of her dreams. We have 18th century undergarments, 18th century wigs and hats, 18th century socks and shoes, and finally beautiful historically correct 18th century gowns.

In addition to our vast line of 18th century Women's clothing we have many 18th century reproductions to choose from. We have 18th century accessories to accomodate our 18th century Women's clothing and 18th century must haves. Every woman must have one of our beautiful 18th century chatelaines and many 18th

century chatelaine accessories to choose from.

We look forward to filling all of your 18th century ladies needs and wants.

18th Century Gentleman

We strive to accomodate all of your 18th century Men's clothing and 18th century reproduction needs. Our 18th century clothing is the best selection you will find. At Smiling Fox Forge we can outfit you from head to toe in 18th century Men's clothing.

In addition to our 18th century clothing we have many different 18th century reproductions to fit your needs.

Our 18th century buckles are the largest historically correct collection you will find. We have 18th century buckles for all your needs including 18th century shoe buckles and 18th century breehes buckles.

If you are in need of anything for battle we have 18th century swords, 18th century gun parts, and 18th century axes.

We also have anything you may need for your 18th century campsite including 18th century lighting, and 18th century tents.

No 18th century clothing or 18th century reproduction need is too big or too small.

18th Century Children

Last but certainly not least is our 18th century clothing and 18th century reproductions for children. Our collection of 18th century children's clothing is the largest that you will find. We at Smiling Fox Forge know children come in all shapes and sizes and we strive to clothe every 18th century re-enactor in 18th century clothing.

What 18th century child would be finished without their 18th century toy? We offer a variety of 18th century toys to choose from.

We at Smiling Fox Forge LLC look forward to filling every 18th century man, 18th century woman, and 18th century child's dreams.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way and thank you for visiting.

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