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How long is a medical billing course

Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP)

Why earn your Nationally Recognized CMBP © (Certified Medical Billing Professional) designation?

No other Medical Billing Course can prepare you for a career in Medical Billing like NAHAEC can! Other schools hire and train their staff to train you. Not us. Medical Billing is NAHAEC's Primary Course Work and your instruction comes from Certified Medical Billing Professionals -- with actual working experience in the Medical Billing Industry.

We are not a Diploma Mill/Education Clearinghouse. You can't come to us to learn Astrology, Plumbing, Day-Trading or Real Estate. These "schools" are barely able to scratch the surface of what you need to learn about Medical Billing. They also usually lump together "Medical Billing" with "Medical Coding." This is not only extremely impractical, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Your Medical Billing Certification comes from us. Unlike the "Education Clearinghouse" courses, we do not send you to a Third Party for your Examinations and Certification (requiring you to incur additional expense ). Upon completion of our Medical Billing Course Programs, we promptly provide you with your Certificate and CMBP© Designation at no additional fee.

We remain the only course available today who provides its students with a live, fully functional, Medical Billing Software Program. This allows you to perform the actual duties of a Medical Billing Professional!

You will be Entering Physician Data, Patient Data, Populating CPT & ICD9/ICD10 Codes, Entering Charges and Payments, Generating Reports and Printing CMS 1500 Insurance Claim Forms.

Our students are successful in this field because they actually apply what they learn, allowing them to fully understand and retain the material. This method of training provides the student with the confidence they need to move forward in their career or business.

Our Medical Billing Course Programs are Self Paced. There are no time restrictions or limitations. Study when you have time. Complete your exams when you are ready to do so.

Your examinations are graded by a live human being who has the ability to expand on corrections to your exam because they have real-life experience, as well as certification in medical billing. We do not use automated running exams!

Our programs are extremely affordable. We are not priced in the thousands of dollars and we do not hold your certification hostage to a 2 year payment plan! On average, our students complete our course and receive their certification in just a matter of weeks!

We look forward to welcoming you as a student.

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