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Dry Skin lotion by Gloves In A Bottle

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created when using Gloves In A Bottle to ease Eczema and Dry Skin conditions.

Eczema and Dry Skin Treatment

Conventional lotions only attempt to replace natural moisture with artificial moisture but it comes off every time you wash. 'Eczema and dry skin treatment ' with Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion works because, unlike artificial moisturisers, its a lotion that turns your outer layer of skin into what acts like an invisible pair of gloves - keeping the moisture robbing irritants out while helping to retain your skin's own natural moisture.

Eczema and Dry Skin Prevention

This results in skin that is better hydrated than what is achieved with conventional lotions, so when you know you should be wearing gloves, (whether fishing, painting, washing, gardening, or exposed to harsh elements), but don't want to put any on, use 'eczema and dry skin prevention' from Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion .

One Application of Gloves In A Bottle lasts 4 Hours

Many workplace and household chemicals are absorbed directly into your skin, causing skin disorders or just plain dry skin or even eczema. Until now, all one could do to alleviate this condition was apply conventional lotions - artificial moisture replacement systems.

When you apply artificial moisture to the skin's surface you may

be sending it the wrong message - that your skin is being adequately moisturised, when in fact it is actually being dehydrated of natural moisture. This often results in a reduction of natural moisture, which is vital to abate Dry Skin .

One application of Gloves In A Bottle's dry skin treatment 'lasts four hours' or more and comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. If there's still a trace of it after a couple of minutes you're using too much.

Eczema & Dry Skin Treatment News

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I can't say enough about this product!

"I have to say that I wasn't expecting miracles before using this product, but oh my word it really has rejuvenated my hands! I now use it without fail twice a day. My hands are feeling and looking soft and youthful. I can't say enough about this!"

Gloves In A Bottle on the Daily Mail website

A reader writes to say that her partner, a kitchen fitter, is grateful for the barrier hand cream Gloves in a Bottle. 'He told me that grouting makes his hands dry and uncomfortable. When he used Gloves in a Bottle, they were so much better'.

The dehydrating effect of flying - a new dry skin treatment that can overcome those effects

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