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where to buy gold bar in singapore

Why buy gold in Singapore?

Singapore aims to be a gold trading hub and local and oversea investors from all around the world with high net worth will purchase physical gold in Singapore.

We will see higher demand and regular purchases of physical gold bullion as GST will be exempted from precious metals purchases.

Statement from the News 'Singapore aims to be Asia's gold trading hub'

Our aspiration is really to be like London and Zurich, to serve not just Asia but the rest of the world as well,' said IE Singapore assistant chief executive Kathy Lai at a press briefing.

Singapore said it would exempt investment-grade precious metals from the 7 per cent Goods and Services Tax (GST) beginning in October 2012.

That move would bring tax treatment of investment-grade precious metals in line with other major markets, such as London, Zurich and Hong Kong. Investors, including retail traders, gold exchange-traded funds and private banking clients, will then be able to trade and store their assets in Singapore without having to incur additional tax.

This will boost the economy of Singapore especially the gold trading industry in Singapore.

The benefits to buy gold in singapore online with Gold Price Singapore.

1) Easy to use website.

2) Convenient at the ease of your home, office or on the go as long you have internet access or accessing our online store via your mobile phone.

3) Secure via secured website.

4) Variety of gold

and silver products for you to choose from.

5) We provide delivery services for your gold and silver products all the way to your door-step.

6) We now offer LBMA investment-grade physical gold bullion bars (IPM) with No GST!

Invest Fine Gold Bars with Gold Price Singapore

    Buy Fine Gold Bullion Coins - Coming soon

i) No margin call risk

ii) Physical gold is at your hand and your financial asset is secured

iii) Hedge against currencies inflation, financial or national crisis

iv) Diversification in your investment portfolio

Why buy LBMA listed brand gold with Gold Price Singapore?

LBMA listed brand gold are GST exempted and internationally recognized. Refer to LBMA Good Delivery Lists for more information.

We provide the best value for your physical gold purchase.

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Gold Price Singapore supply top quality and internationally recognized physical gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins and unique gold and silver gifts ideas.

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