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Where to buy handphone in singapore

where to buy handphone in singapore

cute stuff to buy in Korea!

hello all! I am incredibly sorry. this took me forever. the truth is..

I forgot.

but today I woke up with that little bookmark of mine hanging there. though I don’t know where did I put my other cute stuff, here’s a few I found/remember!

this is my FAVOURITE purchase. it costs around 4,000won (about RM12) and it’s so cute U_U. makes you grab your book at any time! and in my case, bringing my book around just to show off my cute bunny bookmark nyahahahah!

I am not sure if I bought this is Artbox but it’s definitely from COEX mall. a shop you would come across going to COEX Aquarium!

and the famous 1,000won stickers! only RM3. so cute. you definitely want to spend on things you do not need sometimes =S. from some shop in COEX too. COEX has MANY stationery shops and it makes me happy hehe.

my planner! found out that the words on it are Swedish while chatting with my friend living in Sweden now. hahaha. from ARTBOX at Myeongdong! it costs around 4,000won-6,000won. I forgot D=.

these costs 3,500won for one and it’s from ARTBOX AS WELL. I especially love the Polar Bear pen <3. though the other 2 is much better to write with. pfft. also, I think the Polar Bear pen is cheaper as well.

I pretty much went into any artbox/stationery shop in Seoul. and I went to Korea with the OBJECTIVE of looking for thes yellow Staedtler pencils. why?

because I watched Coffee House that Korean Drama (which I did not finish. couldn’t take the stupidity though I love the main actor =S.)

finally something not from a stationery shop! this Teddy girl is from the Bear Musuem up all the way in N Seoul Tower! costs around 16,000-18,000won.

AND THE SOCKS. some socks are sold at 1,000won and normally 3,000won for those sold at the subway stations and Insa-dong. if it gets any higher, those are not worth it AT ALL.

the worst thing is, everywhere sells similar socks so sometimes you might really feel cheated

if you bought it above 1,000won. well, the 1,000won hawker stall is at MYEONGDONG! happy looking for it =P. it’s easy to find since it’s located at the middle of the main street. no worries!

a FRIED EGG handphone accessory from a stationery shop in COEX! well, those stationery shops don’t ONLY sell stationeries. they sell handphone accessories, bags, clips, earrings, keyboard, a lot of pens… basically everything but shoes? haha.

something I COMPLETELY don’t need. I just bought it for the design. once we were studying about square designs so I thought this is pretty cute hahaha. =D. ARTBOX AGAIN! 1,000won. =3.

the same place where I bought the egg, I spotted a lot of these cute camera straps. apparently Feeq used to have the same one and he bought his from Singapore. there’s an Artbox in Singapore too! well, it’s nice. but pretty pricey. I think it costs about 25,000won? I really don’t remember. but 100% above RM60.

and finally, ANOTHER ARTBOX PURCHASE! a white korean keyboard with pink (or blue) rubber cover by dicom. 18,000won if I’m not mistaken. I remember it costs around RM50++.

hehehe it’s quite dirty now hahahah.

anyway. to view more of these cute artbox items, you can visit this site. even if you can’t read I am pretty sure you can find your way =D.

PS. take note that the moment you step into these shops. if you’re not there withuot a dime, you’ll spend A LOT on unnecessary things that are uber cute. and, Artbox is almost everywhere. it’s like looking for MacDonalds. if you can’t find it, you have horrible luck! there’s also another similar shop by the name Kosney in Myeongdong right above forever 21!

here’s the Myeongdong map =D.

and the one in COEX!

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