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Where to buy hdpe pipe

where to buy hdpe pipe

HDPE Versus PVC Pipe – A Snapshot Comparison

The two most commonly used materials for piping applications in most parts of the world today is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Despite questions being raised in terms of environmental and human health *, PVC is used in a wide variety of applications in addition to piping (which constitutes around 50% of its use), including, housing materials, office equipment and even children’s toys and plastic medical devices. HDPE, by comparison, is a better choice for the environment – it’s chlorine-free, doesn’t produce dioxin as a by-product, has less additives and a higher recycling potential. HDPE is also:

  • Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals
  • Less susceptible to surge shocks
  • More flexible, with seamless joints.
  • [*The United States Environmental Protection Agency]

    Here are more good reasons to choose HDPE pipes and fittings over other materials:

    • Prolonged lifespan – high-quality HDPE can last as long as 100 years!
    • Recycled HDPE can be used to manufacture piping solutions, saving energy in the manufacturing process and keeping material out of the waste stream
    • HDPE joints are merely fuse welded (melted) together – no toxic solvent glues required
    • HDPE can be delivered in longer lengths with fewer joints, which means less potential for leaks
    • Butt fusion welding results in tighter, stronger joins than those of bell and spigot or solvent glue joints, which means less potential to fail
    • Lower cost, when factoring in joint failure, potential leaks and associated water loss over

      a fifteen year period

    • HDPE lengths and flexibility means that trenchless installations are possible under certain circumstances
    • Highly durable and low-maintenance.
    For a functional comparison of HDPE and PVC, download this detailed report from US-based McElroy Manufacturing and Central Plastics Company.

    For further product information, contact us.

    HDPE Pipe Manufacturing and Installation

    At our pipe extrusion plant in Hammersdale. outside Durban, South Africa, we manufacture HDPE piping (90-630mm) of export quality. We butt fusion weld and install HDPE pies from 90-1000mm for a host of applications, including temporary or fixed potable water, waste water, sewage, natural gas and fuel transfer.

    HDPE Butt Fusion Welding Services

    Quality is a cornerstone of our brand promise. Our McElroy fusion welding machines have datalogging capabilities which allow us to measure and track the quality of each weld – enabling us to provide you with on-site certification of weld quality. In addition, we weld and install HDPE pipes in accordance with the following standards:

    • ISO 21307: 2011 – Plastic Pipes and Fittings: Butt Fusion Jointing Procedure for PE Pipes and Fittings Used in the Construction of Gas and Water Distribution Systems
    • ISO 12176: 2012 – Plastic Pipes and Fittings: Equipment for Fusion Jointing Polyethylene Systems, Part I: Butt Fusion.

    Rho-Tech has a wide range of McElroy fusion welding machines which can be rented out – complete with a fully certified machine operator. Ask about this service …

    SANS and ISO Compliance

    We work to national and international quality standards. Download our process standards here…

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