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Where to buy hedgehogs in california

where to buy hedgehogs in california

Do you know how inbred these exotic pets may be if they are being bred here in the USA?

I mean, it's not like they could just go outside and trap a new animal to introduce new genes to the breeding pool. ARE they breeding responsibly by breeding away from the same genes to create healthy animals?

Exotic animals carry zoonotic diseases that we do NOT have vaccinations for. Do you ever wonder WHY we vaccinate dogs and cats?

Do you know how long it would take the CDC to determine what disease you got from your exotic pet if your doctor has no idea what you have or tracing WHERE your exotic pet got it from and HOW it got it?

Do YOU understand or know WHY there are animal rescues? Because there are people like YOU who want what you want, and then discard it when YOU don't want it anymore. You know what the sad thing is? YOU WON'T BE THE FIRST AND YOU WON'T BE THE LAST TO DO THAT TO THE ANIMALS.

Animal rescues try to step in as much as they can to save the lives of these discarded pets but, do YOU know that they are NOT funded by the government? That they rely heavily

upon their own resources and charity?

It's not like we DON'T already have an overpopulation of domesticated animals being euthanized by the thousands everyday.

Now, we're gonna add more animal species that the majority of the population don't know how to care for and expect the government to do something about the overpopulation of these exotic animals that SHOULDN'T have been here in the first place?

I stand by California for banning the majority of exotic animals sold as pets. I stand by their decision to NOT participate in the black market trading of exotic animals. I stand by their decision to NOT support the animal smugglers that harvest and trap animals to be smuggled to the USA. I stand by their decision to NOT contribute to the extinction of a species in its own native habitat.

How many times have we seen news headlines of suitcases filled with dead, exotic animals discovered at airports before you realize HOW your exotic pet was transported here and the conditions they endured?

I know that not ALL pet owners are irresponsible but, those that ARE irresponsible are the majority of the population. Unfortunately, those that are responsible pet owners are in the minority.

Shena, Los Angeles, CA

Posted: 1/16/2014 11:10:43 AM

Category: Forex

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