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Where to buy holga in singapore

where to buy holga in singapore


Camera Model & Series' related Questions

HOLGA uses the letter "BC" on the model no. for camera with black corner on the picture. That means picture taken by 135BC, you will find that there are black corner around the pictures where 135 doesn't have any. 135BC picture will give a tunnel vision feeling pictures.

What is B Mode and N Mode on the bottom for?

It is a switch to control the shutter. B Mode standard for Bulb mode. It will open the shutter as long as it can, until you release the shutter again after pressed. N Mode standard for Normal mode. HOLGA shutter design for open 1/100th second in Normal mode.

FILM Related Questions

What is the different between 120mm film and 35mm film?

35mm film roll are the most common one which you can purchase in most of the store. The picture is in 4:3 scale,

which widely use in most of the film camera. You can purchase 120mm film on internet or some of local develop shop. 120mm pictures are in square, this is why so special about HOLGA. There are 2 kind of masks ship with the camera. 6x6 mask give 12 pictures in one roll and 6x4 mask give 16 pictures in one roll.

Can I use 35mm film on HOLGA 120 camera?

Yes! You can purchase a 35mm adapter for HOLGA to use 35mm film roll. You can save money on film roll and developing, however it is not as special as a 6x6 picture.

What is POLGA or Holgaroid?

POLGA or Holgaroid is a name of a instant filmholder. It is a crossover product of HOLGA and Polaroid. You can use instant film to take photo by HOLGA 120 camera. It compatible with HOLGA 120 GCFN, CFN, GFN, FN, GN, N.

Technique & Other Miscellaneous Questions

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